How annoying is it to spend money on an amazing manicure with a great colour, only to have the polish chip off in two days?  So, to help you evade this, I’m going to offer you a few of my personal tips for maintaining you’re in home manicures (and pedicures), and keeping them chip-free for longer! Before starting off we need to understand the reasons why nail polish chips and gets ruined in first place. Some factors could be cheap nail polish (that contain allot of acetone ) , long nails , typing , exposing nail polish to chemicals for example – detergents , cleansers or bleaches .Now we have an idea of what causes nails to chip , let’s start using some tricks and tips to prevent your manicure from chipping .

  • Tip #1
    If you go to a salon, consider bringing your own bottle of polish. Nail salons notoriously add thinners to extend the life of old enamel, which can change the colour and cause bubbling and peeling.
  • Tip#2
    Before polishing, wipe nails with lint-free cotton pads and an acetone-based cleanser. Removing the excess oils or bacteria can help the nail polish stick to the surface of our nails.
  • Tip #3
    Ultimately, your polish will adhere better, and last longer if you have smoothed, buffed, and polished your nails.
  • Tip#4
    Having shorter nails will help maintain you’re in home manicure because they will be less susceptible to overt damage from the outside world! They won’t hit keys as you type (a frequent chip culprit for me), or bang into things, and will generally be more out-of-the way and safe from potential hazards.
  • Tip#5
    Use a base coat that feels a little tacky when dry, it grips polish better. Base coats also make a world of a difference because they mean the coloured polish isn’t just clinging to your nail, instead it sticks to another polish which really makes it last longer in my experience.

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