Olay Classic – Beauty fluid

OLAY classic beauty fluid – All day moisturisation
OLAY classic beauty fluid provides lightweight moisturising that gently protects your skin during the day . Skin appears more supple and tender, giving it a feeling of comfort. The unique formula, development with OLAY active moisturising complex, quickly moisturises your skin to replenish the hydro balance .It effectively protects skin from dehydration and dryness.
Improves skins capacity to retain natural moisture for a longer period , protecting it from dryness and keeping your skin and elastic throughout the day.
Usage :
Apply cream on thoroughly cleansed face and neck skin with light motions. For best results use with OLAY double action night cream.
My take !
  • I have seen my mom and grandmother using OLAY all my life . It was the first and only moisturiser I used. It is the only moisturiser that was effortless and gave the perfect moisturising leaving your skin soft and gentle. 
  • This review is pretty straightforward for me as I have used this product all my life. OLAY classic beauty fluid texture is very soft and more on the liquidy side , hence it make it easier for absorption. It is appropriate for people with all skin types and made for all weather conditions .I used it in the Indian summers and the middle eastern winters and the result is the same – perfection .
  • OLAY classic beauty fluid has a delicate scent of flowers nothing to fancy which is good – as it means that there is less artificial fragrances added that might aggravate your skin. 
  • It absorbs into your skin within seconds, you can go heavy handed with this product if you want a deeper moisturising . 
  • OLAY classic beauty fluid  leaves your skin looking healthy with a natural glow .It is good for people who have acne and suffer from peeling, I use this everyday and it does not irritate my acne or cause acne. The formulation of the OLAY classic beauty fluid product is very light to avoid blocking the pores.
  •  I use this after my face wash in the morning my skin feels dry and stiff, and tight. This product hydrates my skin in seconds .
  • It is one product I cannot live without and having sensitive, acne – pro skin I find it hard to find moisturisers that do not break me out or leave my skin irritated. 
  • OLAY  classic beauty fluid is the perfect primer for foundation or make-up.
Pros :
  1. Leave the skin moisturised and hydrated throughout the day
  2. Suitable for all skin types
  3. Price is reasonable
  4. Packaging is travel friendly
  5. Smells is subtle and pleasing
Cons :
  1. Not available at many places.
Price :Rs 380/-(100ml) 
Rating : 5/5 


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