Skin Care routine – Morning

This is my updated morning skin care routine . I have oily to combination skin and acne prone . Some of the products like my face wash and moisturiser are dermatologist recommended in order to clear out my skin. I also have very sensitive skin and hence I use product which are non comodogenic
Step by step procedure:

  1. Ducray -Kerancnyl Face wash – foaming gel
  2.  Neutrogena deep clean facial toner
  3. Demadew Aloe face cream 
  4. Neutrogena Facial Cleanser (once a week )
  5. Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub (once a week )

Ducray -Kerancnyl Face wash – foaming gel

I have been suffering with hormonal acne for a year so I went to a dermatologist and she suggested this face wash . This face wash aims to control my acne . It helps removes the excess oil on my face that may clog my pores intern causing acne . I use this two time a day and honestlyI have found allot of difference . I think its better than bioderma and its half the price . One tube lasts me 3 months and its easily available in India at local pharmacies . 

NEUTROGENA DEEP CLEAN –Backhead Elimination

  To start with I have been using the neutrogena deep clean blackhead eliminating toner over a year now and this is my second bottle . I totally agree when this products states that it helps to eliminate blackheads. I used this product regularly for 3 week and found a massive difference in my black heads . I used it in the morning after face wash and it leave a cooling effect on your face , best suited for the hot summers .
Dermadew :
Dermadew aloe provides lightweight moisturising that gently protects your skin during the day . Skin appears more supple and tender, giving it a feeling of comfort. The unique formula, development with the active moisturising complex, quickly moisturises your skin to replenish the hydro balance .It effectively protects skin from dehydration and dryness. It is the only moisturiser that was effortless and gave the perfect moisturising leaving your skin soft and gentle. 
Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub
This for me is one of those products that I have had for years. I remember the original packaging was not as sleek as this. The packaging thankfully is the only thing that changed. Everyone knows how important it is to exfoliate your skin. Sometimes we tend to think the more abrasive the better but that is not the determinant of a good scrub. Now coming to the Himalaya scrub, I would not go on a leg and say that if you use this it is going to give you great skin. This scrub is gentle and great for using on a every-other-day basis. It helps to moisturise the skin and clear it of the pollution your skin tends to build up.
 Neutrogena Facial Cleanser 
After the first use, I knew I could never go back to simply using my hands. My skin felt absolutely amazing! Extremely clean and fresh, yet not at all tight or uncomfortable as it tended to feel after gel/spot targeting cleansers. My skin was also so babysoft afterwards that I couldn’t stop touching my face…and still can’t.
Price :
  1. DucrayKerancnyl Face wash – foaming gel -Rs 300/-100ml
  2.  Neutrogena deep clean facial toner-Rs 340/- 200ml
  3. Demadew Aloe face cream -Rs 131/- 50ml
  4. Neutrogena Facial Cleanser-Rs 619/-
  5. Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub- Rs 115/- 100ml

9 thoughts on “Skin Care routine – Morning

  1. Hi!!! I'd include Parachute Summer fresh body lotion, for the hands and legs – it is perfect for the summer months, non -greasy and soaks in rather fast. And the mint not only smells wonderful but also leaves a cooling sensation on the skin. And it's wonderfully affordable!


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