You decided to paint your nails and then realized that you don’t have much time to let your nails dry? Well here are some quick and easy ways to make nail polish dry fast in time and still looks stunning!

  • In order to achieve evenly applied nail polish, you’ll need to apply two layers of polish. If each layer is thick, it will take a very long time to dry. Make each coat of nail polish really thin to make nail polish dry faster. 
  • Top coats will quickly harden, thereby protecting your nail polish from smudges. Most contain mineral oil which dries quickly. 
  • Dry your nail polish with a blow dryer. Set your hair dryer to the coolest setting and direct the air at your nails for one to two minutes.

Sometimes, it may feel dry to the touch but it will still smudge if it brushes up against a hard surface. There are various things you can do to make your nail polish dry more quickly.

COLD WATER METHOD – to make nail polish dry faster

  1. Run cold water and ice cubes into a sink or a bowl, big enough for your fingernails to be submerged
  2. Paint your nails- the great thing about this drying   technique means it doesn’t matter if they’re a little messy.
  3. Slowly sink your hands into the water
  4. Keep them there for 3 minutes

·         When you take your hands out, your nail polish should be rock hard and any splotches on your skin will have been cleared away.

Be careful not to smudge fingers while in water. Don’t use water that is warm. Nails won’t dry.

HAIRSPRAY –to make polish dry faster
Another method to dry your nail polish fast is to use hairspray. The alcohol in hairspray will help your nails to dry fast, but if not used right can leave spots on the nails.
NAIL DRYER –to make nail polish dry faster
If you are a person who does not mind spending some more money and getting your nails fast dry in a minute, then you can opt for a nail dryer. You can find this in any Salon supply store. Several nail polish brands offer nail dryers with their mani- pedi kit.

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