Faces Cosmetics Glitter stackables

You cannot go wrong with an array of 6 loose glitters resembling the rainbow. Mix with transforming gel for a long lasting, dramatic effect. 

Great for theatre, dance or for a hot night of disco dancing. The colour that come are 

    White (iridescent multi colour sparkle)

    Red (true red)

     Blue (true blue with tealish highlight)

     Purple (true purple)

    Gold (true gold)

    Silver (true silver)


    My Take !

    The Faces Cosmetics Glitter stackables  come in little clear plastic containers and are stackable which is really handy for  makeup artist.The Faces Cosmetics Glitter stackables  would look beautiful on pretty much everyone particularly those with brown eyes.

    When I am using any loose pigments, I always use an eyeshadow primer like the Oriflame glide-on eye shadows or any creamy base to make sure you get the full impact of the colour.

    The Faces Cosmetics Glitter stackables are amazing when it comes to staying power , to the part where I ran my hand under water and then rubbed the glitter off.The Faces Cosmetics Glitter stackables where holding up strong . This proves that they can resist hot humid days .

     Fall out will all pigments is common but it was no hassle to remove it afterwards . The Faces Cosmetics Glitter stackables do not feel crunchy on the lid or irritate the skin. I love the White pigment it is something I have never seen and a make up lovers must have .

    Pros :

    1. Clear and glitter proof packaging .
    2. Good Price value.
    3. The texture of the pigments are fine and do not feel crunchy
    4. High Pigmentation and colour payoff
    5. Hot temperature resistant
    6. Easy to work with.
    Cons :
    1. Cannot remove one pigment , which might be a problem for people who do not want to carry the entire stack.
    Rating :4.5/5
    Price :499/-

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