Mikyajy fragrance / Perfume Atomiser Review

 This is absolutely an amazing innovation .I have seen the Travalo which is almost the same but sadly not available in India or Middle east .The Mikyajy perfume atomiser is available in 3 shades . Pink , purple and red .

They fit in your purse ,make-up bag , wallet or pocket easily. It is a perfect little thing that your can keep it in your bag to spruce up your day with your favourite perfume .The Atomiser directly pumps from a standard perfume bottle. With our patented system fragrance is never affected by exposure to the air and decants magically from one sealed bottle into another in just a few seconds, without any assembly or parts.
I always used small perfume samples in my bag but they would leak or break . Also many brands do not make travel size versions of every perfume.

The versatility of the Mikyajy perfume atomiser makes it so unique .They are also handy to use up the last little remnants of perfume in your bottle .
 I made a small video which clearly demonstrates how the Mikyajy Perfume Atomiser works . 

STEP 1-Take both the lids off the perfume.
STEP 2-At the bottom of the Mikyajy Atomiser there is a small little rubber opening that sucks the perfume by creating a suction .Place the this rubber opening onto the perfume . Make sure the opening of the perfume is aligned with the rubber opening on the atomiser.

STEP 3– Start pressing it down slightly.You will notice the perfume starts filling up into the atomiser.

Price -29AED

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