NYX MegaShine Lip gloss – Lollipop, Natural, French Kiss

I love lip glosses, especially for everyday going out to the mall kind of make-up. I stumbled upon NYX Megashine a few years ago and started looking it up. After much deliberation I came to the conclusion to buy 3 shades, Lollipop, Natural and French Kiss. The glosses are all sticky so if that’s not your cup of tea its alright. They smell sweet without being over powering. Lets get into it then.

This lip gloss I had high hopes on because it looked so pretty in the swatches and the container. Its a nice golden beige color that has a bit of a peach undertone.  Sadly it does not look good on my pigmented lips and olive complexion. It makes my skin look brassy and not at all cute in photographs. You can wear this with a clear gloss on top to cut down on the shimmer or only on the center of the lips for some umph. I think this would suit pale skin tones best !

My absolute favorite of them all has to be natural. Its is a nude brownie pink color great for my pigmented lips as it helps to cut down the purple tones. It fades into a beautiful tint on the lips and lasts really long. It will suit a lot of skin tones and is great for an everyday look. Double thumbs up for this gloss. This one has no shimmer

French Kiss:
Again like lollipop this turned out to be a disappointment. there is way too much shimmer in it and it tends to not flatter my lips or skin tone. I think people with thinner lips and pale skin should go for this. I have pretty full lips hence it becomes too over powering. Indian skin tones should stay away from this one as the silver shimmer does not flatter the yellow tones in the skin.

1) Lasts Long
2) Smells good
3) Highly Pigmented
4) Cheap
5) Available online
6) Sturdy Packaging

1)  Sticky
Price: 237 rps
Find : http://www.medplusbeauty.com/beautyproducts/nyx-mega-shine-lip-gloss


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