L’Oreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss : Coral Strass, Sand Crytal, Rose Crystal

I bought these cute little lip glosses long ago at the airport. These are a pack of travel size lip glosses by L’Oreal. They are pretty decent sized perfect to put into your purse. The travel pack comes with 3 glosses compatible with a variety of skin tones from pale to olive and deeper skin tones. All of them have a bit of glitter in them. Though this glitter is not overwhelming its a subtle shine. The applicator is the classic heart shape applicators of the glam shine collection.

Coral Strass:
Coral Strass is an iridescent color. Its a clear gloss with a soft pink shimmer. Its more obvious when you swatch it but on the lips its not as apparent. This color is great to top over any lipstick to go from day to a more glam evening look.

Sand Crystal:
Definitely for the more deeper brown skin colors this is grey brown color that would work as the perfect nude for darker lips. This definitely is more pigmented that the other two colors. It can be added to any cool toned lipstick to warm it up a bit.

 Rose Crystal:
Exactly like the name this gloss is a dusty rose pink color that would flatter a lot of skin tones. Its one of those colors that can be worn day or night. It is great to top off a matte lipstick to bring it to life. The lip gloss by it self also looks great.


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