Nivea Pure Effect – TOTAL FACE CLEANUP

 Description :

Benefits for pure & clear skin . The Nivea Pure effect total face clean -up is a 5 in one – wash ,scrub,pack,oil remover and spot reducer .
*It is for normal to oily skin.
Nivea Pure Effect total face cleanup is enriched with magnolia extracts which deeply cleanses your skin, and its anti-bacterial formulation helps fight spot causing bacteria.The Nivea Pure effect total face clean has five benefits: face wash, scrub, face pack, oil remover and spot reducer
Healthy, glowing skin within five minutes – that’s what Nivea promises with the Total Face Clean Up. Designed to suit skin types from normal to oily, this Nivea face wash boasts of the ability to clear your face of blackheads, tone the skin and give it a youthful glow. Age-old spots can also be reduced with regular use.So, being a part of the bridal troupe or preparing for a date at short notice, you still get to retain that glow about you. Go ahead, get your skin pampered.
How to use :
Wash – Use it as a facewash daily by gently applying to the face and neck ,avoiding the eye are . Rinse off thoroughly with water.
Scrub – Apply it everyday as a scrub to the moistened face by smoothly massaging in upward circles focusing on forehead ,nose and chin . Rinse off to reveal clearer skin.
Pack–  Use it as a pack 2-3 times a week by lightly applying it on your face avoiding the eye area.leave it to dry for 3- 5 minutes and rinse off with Luke warm water to support the perfect complexion.
My Take !
I’m always on the look for new skin care products and I stumbled upon the New Nivea Pure Effect – TOTAL FACE CLEANUP . I truly was attracted with their 5 in one factor . Although most of these products end up not serving all the purposes and are just a selling gimmick to indulge consumers like me.

 I used the Nivea Pure Effect – TOTAL FACE CLEANUP as the instructions given , and honestly I really liked it. I love the smell of the Nivea Pure Effect , its very refreshing . It reminds me of the clean and clear morning burst face wash. The Nivea Pure Effect – TOTAL FACE CLEANUP has a clay type texture , which helps remove all the dirt , impurities and excess oil that may clog up your pores causing acne or blackheads . 
The Nivea Pure Effect – TOTAL FACE CLEANUP consists of small micro beads that helps remove dirt and dead skin to give that natural glow .The micro Beads are not harsh at all , which is a plus for me . I have sensitive skin and the face wash did not aggrivate it  at all .The Clay type texture with the micro beads make it a perfect scrub cum face mask like The body shops oatmeal and honey scrub cum face mask . 
The Pure Effect – TOTAL FACE CLEANUP does not foam up which makes it easy to use it as a face mask .I would recommend to use it in the shower. The steam will open up the pores for a extra deep cleanse. I would certainly not recommend it for dry skin , as the clay might dry out the skin even more .I did notice that my skin looked clearer within a week .
Pros :
  1. The Nivea Pure Effect – TOTAL FACE CLEANUP helps remove excess dirt and good for clogged up pores.
  2. Nivea Pure Effect – TOTAL FACE CLEANUP 5 in 1 Factor. 
  3. Good for oily skin especially in the summers or during wedding season.
  4. The Nivea Pure Effect – TOTAL FACE CLEANUP smells refreshing .
  5. Packaging is travel friendly
Cons :
  1.  The Nivea Pure Effect – TOTAL FACE CLEANUP is a bit pricey. 

Rating: 4/5
Price :199/- (150ml) , Rs;99/- (50ml)


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