Mac eyeshadow In Woodwinked

I have been trying so hard to find a dupe for this eye shadow for months .Main reason is because I honestly don’t find it quite justifiable to spend 990rps for a eye shadow .I blame the you tubers pixiwoo and pixi2woo for making me want this eye shadow so bad . Woodwinked it the perfect eye shadow for my brown eyes .

Woodwinked is described by MAC as an “antique gold” which I feel is a very precise description. It’s a medium brown colour with strong notes of gold throughout it.Woodwinked is a gorgeous colour – a shimmery golden brown which you can use almost daily .

 Woodwinked has a veluxe pearl formula which makes it so incredible and one of a kind eye shadow .Veluxe pearl formula means it looks quite metallic. This eye shadow applies really smoothly which amazed me because I usually find metallic shadows apply slightly flaky/dry. I also have found that this product has little to none fall out which again has been very surprising since I usually find the opposite in metallic eye shadows.

Another astounding thing of Woodwinked eye shadow that makes it so exclusive is the fact that it changes colour. Yes ! It’s no magic trick .

When you blend the eye shadow particularly in your crease the pigment blends even more and with the light reflecting of the metallic pigment it comes out a little burnt orange in the crease . The pixiwoos have demonstrated this in several of their videos . When you apply Woodwinked on your lid and blend it outward it looks like you have done a gradient Smokey eye well the reality is that you used only one eye shadow.


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