LOong Time no POst

Hey my lovelies . So I was pretty busy the entire month of august because my Lovely twin sister and co-writer of this blog “Madeeha” got married!! Not only this but few of my cousins and friends decided to get married too.I had 17 weddings this entire month and all I can tell you is that I was busy putting on make up and removing it . All in all it was a great month and had a great time with my family and friends . 
During this month I was rocking some new products and my all time favs . I have the crack down of wedding makeup all written down….. the pros and the cons and the must havs . I will be posting some reviews and first impressions in the next few weeks . Also keep your eyes peeled for the best online wedding shopping websites article coming soon .I will be posting new content regularly from this week .Also planning a huge giveaway for my subbies soon as a major thankyou for sticking around with me for so long 🙂 . 
Sorry for the lack of content . I truly appreciate the support and patience you all have .
Warm Regards

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