Mikyajy Brow and Lash Kit

 Beautiful eyes and perfect eye make up means nothing without a set of well-groomed brows and lashes. The kit contains a brow styling wand, tweezers, razor and specially designed safety scissors that will help you get it right. 

The Mikyajy Brow styling wand is the best tool in my terms in the kit . I love the dual ended aspect of it . It has a spool on one end and a brow comb on the other .
 It makes life easy in my eyes .The Mikyajy tweezers are the perfect size for me , I love the grip at the end and easily pulls hair out.
The Mikyajy razor is compact and precise . It is not very sharp and very easy to clean and replace .
The safety scissors are another favourite tool of mine . It is sharp but the safety grips makes it very easy and safe to use. 
The Eye lash curler is one thing I don’t like at all . I don’t know whether the shape of my eyes does not make it suitable for me . Or the design of the eye lash curler is not good . Ill leave it for you to decide . 
Rating 3/5

Price :69.00 SAR/AED
Website :HERE

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