Mikyajy Make-up Train Case/ Box

I never owned a decent Make-up train case not that I needed a great one as I’m not a freelance makeup artist .All I needed was a good place to store my huge collection . So I decided to invest in a Well made makeup train case that can fullfill my needs. I did not want any of those enormous make up cases in the market like the companies NYX or Caboodles provide .I wanted something simple. 

Mikyajy  has a massive range of pre made make up boxes and train cases containing eye shadows, lipstick , nail polish and foundations  , but lately they started making this new Train cases which are ten times smaller and they are not pre filled with cosmetics  . 

These makeup boxes come completely empty .I totally love the size and shape of the Mikyajy Make up case . Price wise it was cheap and was not very expensive .

The Mikyajy Makeup cases have a black Plastic and Metal plating on the outer side , and a memory foam on the inner part . The case has a manual locking system which is further advanced with a lock – key element . The rimes of the Mikyajy makeup case are made sturdy and strong. 

The makeup box has 3 floors – two small and one large.The Mikyajy box has a exclusive element of adjustable barriers in each layer to create sub sections. The Makeup box comes with pre-made ridges that you can place the dividers in between .The box comes with 5 extra dividers .These sub sections help avoid sliding and gliding of products .The sections between each layer are perfect to fit foundations and also eye shadows.

I would recommend this for people who want some extra storage for their makeup , or do small freelancing jobs. This would also be appropriate for people who go to beauty /makeup school . The Mikyajy Makeup train case is perfect to carry few products.

I can store majority of my makeup in this train case –from brushes to foundation , setting powders , eye shadows , lipsticks, glosses and liners etc.

Price – 125/- SR

This is only available in mikyajy standing stores .


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