DIY Rhinestone Cell Cases

Who doesn’t like a bit of Bling in their life . Lately I have been seeing some wonderful rhinestone covers in the market , but let me just warn you they are damn expensive . So I decided to take matters in my own hands and Bling it myself .
First map out the basic idea , and color scheme you want . Decide what you want to use rhinestones ,pearls, glitter or any other ornaments . I recommend you going on Pinterest to find awesome inspirational Ideas .
This was my friends case and she told me roughly what was her color scheme(Pink) and what design she wanted (Bows) .Then I applied some of my imagination and creativity which lead to this.
DIY Rhinestone Cell Cases

All you need to create this look is :
  1. Cellphone case
  2. Good Quality Rhinestones – I used three colors – fusia pink ,baby pink and plain white crystals(three different sizes)
  3. Cue tip 
  4. Fabric Glue – Clear
  5. Tweezers- Optional
  6. Magic wand – Optional 
DIY Rhinestone Cell Cases
 I Did not use magic wand for this as I wanted to try keeping things pocket friendly and also easily available .The magic wand is very handy , as it has a heated end that warms up the glue behind the stone without using liquid glue .
Step One :
Wet the cue tip and then dip it in fabric glue , this will make the end tacky and will help pick up the stones and placing them or you can use tweezers.
DIY Rhinestone Cell Cases
Step Two :
Map out your design with a sharpie or a marker , I didnot use it as my design was based around the bows .Rest was freestyle .
Step Three :
Place the glue on the case and start glueing the stones .
Step Four :
Let the stones Dry completely . Clean up any extra glue with a alcohol wipe .
DIY Rhinestone Cell Cases

I took me half a day to complete this, but I absolutely Loved the result . Im going to try doing more DIY ‘s on my blog . If you do recreate this look please Instagram – @beautyneverdates or Tweet –@beautyneverdates us .


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