The Black I

The classic smoky eye has become ubiquitous with the beauty look embraced by women around the world, reinvented by new approaches from makeup artists and transformed by catwalks. Its versatility means it can be daring and hot or elegant and sophisticated, warm and subtle, or rich and intense. With such a reputation, most makeup users are tricked into thinking it will be impossible to get smoky eyes easily. Not so fast…

Celebrating 10 years on the market, Mikyajy’s Black I kit continues to withstand the test of time with its all-in-one collection of products that create the smoky effect. It contains an eye pencil, dip eyeliner, volumizing mascara, eye crayon and eye shadow. It has become a mainstay on the dressing tables of Arab women around the Gulf – and which culture gets smoky eyes better than the Middle Eastern woman? 

In Mikyajy’s latest Black I TV campaign, pop singer Myriam Fares wears the smoky eye with an all new flash of light using a glaze of silvery eye shadow, false lashes and peach lips. Here’s how to get the look yourself:

1. apply white eyeshadow from Sabaya Quattro Cubes 18 to the full eye, intensifying color on inner corner.

2. create a cut crease effect with the jumbo crayon. also use a brush to apply to outer third of the eye.

3. apply black eyeshadow into the crease, starting from the inner corner and blending up, outwards and along the lash line.

4. apply black eyeliner pencil to the inner rim of the eye from the inner to the outer corner.

5. apply liquid liner from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, thickening the line on the outer edge.

6. add Girl Tools False Lashes. thicken the lashes with two coats of mega volume mascara.

7. apply Sabaya Eyebrow Powder 02 in a suitable shade and comb through the brows.

8. add color to the cheeks with Sabaya Blush 05.

9. line the lips with Sabaya Line & Define Pencil 07 and blend onto the lips to act as a base for the lipstick.

10. complete the look with Sabaya Moistuire Lip Color 04.

Tips for a great smoky look:

·         When wearing a dramatic smoky eye, give the skin a natural, healthy flush to contrast with the dramatic eye makeup

·         Muted lipsticks work best with the smoky eye – opt for nudes, peachy pouts or a mix of gloss and blusher

·         Feel like a bit of colour? Replace the silver shadow with shades of purple, emerald green or anything that matches your mood!

Price:  165 SAR/AED

Available in all Mikyajy stores

Get Black- I for only 99 SAR/AED during Mikyajy’s Color Carnival from 22nd November to 11thDecember, 2013

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