My Envy Box – Discover Beauty With The Best!

Vanity is definitely our favorite Sin. At MY ENVY BOX, an Indo-French startup, we help our customers discover beauty with the best; with a selective and luxurious offering of international brands, a strong editorial in ENVY MAG providing latest beauty trends and an easy to use platform with a chic design. We only source our products directly from brands or their authorized distributors. 
Look Good, Be Good. Subscribe to and get a luxurious box of 5 beauty samples (typically 2ml-10ml) to try and spot their new favorite products and we donate 1% of subscription revenue to the Elle Breast Cancer Campaign.
For Diwali, pleasure yourself and your beloved ones. Our online store, Envy Boutique, will indulge our customer’s guilty pleasures with some of the Best beauty products for sale with more brands and products being added all the time. Time to spread the love; Shop on Envy Boutique this holiday season and leave aside all your worries about calories.
Our Guilty Pleasures
ENVY BOX subscriptions are available for Rs. 700-850 per month, of which 25% is returned to customers immediately through our generous loyalty program. Subscribers will get a curated box of 5 beauty product samples to try;
ENVY BOUTIQUE provides our customers with a luxurious shopping experience for them to purchase the best Beauty & Cosmetic products and earn points from our innovative loyalty program.
Rishi Seth, Co-Founder & CEO says “International brands are seeing value in our niche strategy and we are fast becoming a trusted partner for Global Luxury and Prestige Brands. This is evident in our securing the exclusive online sales rights for Eminence Organics in India. We are also partners with leading brands such as Clarins, Thalgo, L’Occitane, Sisley Paris, Avene, Terrake and Shiseido”.
 Julie Rousselet, Co-Founder & Creative Director says “our design aims to create an environment where customers feel they are engaging with luxury and quality’. 


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