Estee by estee lauder

Estee by estee lauder
 Description :
Estee Perfume by Estee Lauder, Launched by the design house of estee lauder in 1968, estee is classified as a luxurious, flowery fragrance . This feminine scent possesses a blend of many florals including jasmine, rose, coriander, finishing with a woody note. It is recommended for romantic wear.
  • Size: 60 ml

  • Gender: Women
  • Notes: Floral
My Take !
It has a main woody scent , over time it wears off into a more aldehyde and floral accord.I have been using this perfume for over 3 years and people always compliment me on it! I love Estee and am so glad I can order it through! 
Estee by estee lauder  truly is MY signature scent! When your body warms so does the fragrance emit nicely. Estee by estee lauder smells lovely with all the bright, vibrant opening of the floral-aldehydes, and other uplifting spices that contribute to its wonderful and enticing attraction in the beginning.
Estee by estee lauder
Although It is hit and miss perfume because a lot of people online hate it. Also to clear up this is the Estee By Estee Lauder Super Eau De Parfum spray vaporisateur not Pure Fragrance spray .Which smell completely different . Also be careful on what you order as they both have a price difference.


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