Trinkets ~ Gift them , Wear them , Love them

I have been seeing the rave about a company called “Trinkets” which are a Oman based business that have branches in Bareeq Al Shatti and Muscat Grand Mall , all over Instagram . Trinkets is a jewelry company that specialize in selling gold-plated beautiful ethnic rings, customized gold plated Arabic calligraphy name bracelets, accessories and many more.Don’t worry They ship worldwide.

The Owner Shireen was very kind enough to send me some personalized pieces , she informed it that it takes 3 weeks for production and 4 working days for International shipping .I was surprised by the fast service as I received it withing 3 days of shipping and mind you it got shipped from Oman and I live in India .Shireen was a true pleasure to work with , and I was more than satisfied by the amazing service trinkets had to offer .

I received the package from trinkets in a amazing bag . All the pieces were placed in separate Boxes and individually wrapped in ribbons and bows which to be honest made me really happy .

 I felt it was my birthday .The jewelry was placed in a cute pink gift bag to protect them and they are great to store further .Love the presentation .

Classic plain name bracelet its gold plated and handmade. This particular bracelet is personalised according to my name “Muzayna” . I love the font and the way the gold has been polished to give that expensive finish . The bracelet is approx 10 cm in length and has adjuster rings .The clasp looks very strong and sturdy . 

“Muzayna” In arabic

Another feature about the Trinkets classic plain name bracelet which is very unique from other companies it that they are slightly curved inwards to hug your hand gently and doesn’t stick out.

Retail Price – US$ 52.

The “عشق” ring is a beautiful piece which I have absolutely fallen in  “love ” with . It is the perfect chunky statement jewelry item which will glam up your look and is in this fall/ winter season. It is adjustable . Again the ring looks so well made , in true words looks expensive .

Retail Price :US$ 52.

“Faith” bracelet is the most fun piece out of all. I love the colour I love the style and its a perfect stacking item .The term faith means so much to me and I feel its going to be a constant item in my daily jewelry. I love the peach colour and I hope its available in other colours . 

This particular piece has stones which are zirconia.It has a adjustable string , where you can pull and tighten it. Again good quality stones make it look beautiful .

Retail Price :‘US$ 31.

The last item I received is a Bracelet which it so dainty and delicate . It has a rose gold finish to it . As the other bracelets this has adjustable rings . 

The chain is very thin but well made . The stones are zirconia which is the reason why they are so sparkly and shiny . My camera cant do justice to the amount of shine these stones reflect .

Retail Price :US$ 31.
I’m in love with the company and the service trinkets have to offer. All in all praises come to my mind when I see these pieces . I feel that all these Items can be great gifts for your loved ones . I personally would love to receive this as a gift . For the service and quality that Trinkets have to offer is just a bargain . 
Contact information :
Instagram: @trinketsoman 
Trinkets store in Bareeq Al Shatti and Muscat Grand Mall

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