Whats In my Travel Bag ?

Festive season also means vacation time for many , travelling time !!  .Its travel time for me also, I’m going to the middle east for few weeks so as I was packing my makeup bag , i thought why not do a post on it . I have also done one last year around this time and things have changed allot since then .

I personally do travel pretty heavy when it comes to makeup , because of two major reasons. Firstly I’m a beauty blogger and I’m constantly trying out new products .Secondly I share my makeup with my sisters and Mother . I generally to be honest this is the best way to use up samples .

The makeup bag I’m using was a gift with purchase from MIKYAJY .This is 100% washable and has several compartments which will help to separate liquids from others .

The bag has three sections , I divide them into skincare , brushes , Makeup . 

It also has a small Mirror which comes very handy at times . It is the prefect size Makeup Bag as it can fit into my carry-on , and this way I know where all my products are . 

The First and the largest compartment houses all my perfumes , Face creams , Scrubs ,Masks , Body lotions , Lip balm and eye creams . As you can see there is a small pocket slip where I place My Bioderma and Other liquids like perfumes . 

Again you can see they are all deluxe samples that I have received from The Natures Co wish Box , and My envy Box .

The second compartment contains all My brushes . Majority of them are from Real techniques , Mikyajy and few Colorbar .

This compartment it the skinny and long which is perfect for brushes .

Last compartment has all my makeup – My MUA palette , Compact pressed powder , lipsticks, glosses , eyeliner pot , pencil liners , concealer and highlighters .This way I know all my makeup is in one place .

 To be honest I don’t need more makeup and this is probably too much but what can I tell Im a makeup lover. This is the smallest compartment when compared to the other but it help me regulate the amount of makeup I carry .

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