Mikyajy Sabaya Caring Moisture Lip Colour -Shade 15

Description :
Containing vitamin E moisturising and anti-ageing components along with other nourishing and hydrating properties, Sabaya Caring Lipstick helps build smooth and well-cared for lips. It has a creamy and soft texture that leaves lips soft and coloured with natural beauty for hours.

My Take !
As I mentioned in my previous article that Sabaya line was having a Buy 2 get 1 free  offer . So I said why not get a lipstick for my mother . Again I had certain specification  by my mother on which shade and texture she wanted . Sabaya has a massive range of shades and different textures of lipsticks .They had 3 different textures – moisturising , luster and matte .

The one that I choose is Sabaya Caring lipstick in Shade number 15 ,is a matte shade . It is Matte but weirdly moisturising . When you initially apply it , the lipstick leaves a glossy effect , later on it drys to a matte finish . It drys within seconds .
The sabaya lipsticks are famous for their pigmentation , the sales executive recommended this shade for my Mom . Again perfect for fair complexion , at the same time it will look very elegant and something that will look natural . You can build up the colour by layering , but I found it true to colour in one swap . 

It wears off very well , unlike some lipsticks that makes your lips feel chapped and tight . This leaves a slight stain , and it lasted me a good 10 hours . 
The packaging is simple , you can see the shade which is great . I hate it when you have to open the cap to see the colours like Mac Lipsticks .
Price Point is good , I would not say it is cheap , to be honest you could get the same shade for a cheaper price . But the point is that you get quality with all sabaya products which I like .
Rating :4/5 
Price :62.00 SAR/AED
Website : Here

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