Mac Product review

Mac Face and Body Foundation :(50ml)
I absolutely love the Mac select Cover-up concealer and it doubles up as a foundation for me . I mix select cover-up with my moisturiser and it gives me the perfect coverage . Mac Face and Body is the foundation version of select cover-up . It is a water and mineral based foundation and works well for allot of skin types . 

When you initially apply it , your skins look duey and second skin like , the more you work the  Foundation into your skin , the more coverage it gives .I would say Face and Body Foundation is a medium to full coverage foundation , but it needs buildup . Mac Face and Body leaves your skin with the perfect glow and duey finish.It does not break me out also . It is quiet on the Pricey side but I find you get allot of product which would last you along time.

I would recommend it for people who want a medium coverage foundation that would last you all day , for special occasions etc .Mac Face and Body foundation is Good for all weather conditions as it is water resistant .Also Mac face and Body has a vast shade range catering for all skin tones .
Price: Rs 1700/-
Website :Here
Mac Viva Glam 3 Matte
I was eyeing this shade lately and decided to just take the plunge . I love dark plumy brown tones on my skin , I feel they complement fair to pinky skin allot . 

It has a Mac Viva glam shade 3 has a matte finish to it , at the same time very moisturizing . Price point it is a little crazy to buy a lipstick this expensive . Mac Viva Glam 3 is a glamorous shade which you cant rock on a day to day basis , I would sparingly use it for special occasions only .

 I would pair it with a soft plum smokey eye and Rosy cheeks . I do find it good for weddings or brides even , a little different from the contemporary red .Mac Viva Glam 3 does not give a vampy look , as you can see  in the close up its quiet nice .

Price :900/-
Website :Here


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