Mikyajy’s 22k Playful False Lash Mascara – Your beauty tell-all

Coats every lash for a perfect fanned out effect
Mikyajy’s 22k Playful False Lash Mascara – Your beauty tell-all
Flutter those lashes and give your hunt for the perfect mascara a happy ending with Mikyajy’s all new 22k Playful False Lash Mascara.
Open up those hypnotic eyes beautifully as a multitude of bristles deliver a perfect coat to every lash for an amped up false lash effect. The 01 Black Dramashade works best to accentuate your eyes, adding volume and length to your lashes. A definite quick-fix in a make-up lover’s life, this mascara also works great when the call of the day is minimal. Pair it up with Mikyajy’s Eye Liner Pencil and Kohl Pencil for maximum effect. Extremely light on the lashes without making them feel dry, the 22k Playful False Lash Mascara can be used daily for every season’s look.
Flaunt a signature look each day like a make-up pro with Mikyajy’s reputed 22k brigade in eye defining mascaras. Lengthen your lashes with Mesmerizing Volume and Strength Mascara when your lashes need more than just mascara. In instances where more is indeed more, increase your lashes’ volume without clumping with Extreme Super Volume Mascara to create dramatic, alluring eyes. Dare to wear the Expressive Volume and Lift Mascara with double bristles that separate every lash for extra volume. Or simply be yourself with the Amazing Volume and Define Mascara that accentuates a character to your eyes.
From a brand that’s created style diva’s favorite mascaras, the 22k Playful False Lash Mascara is a fringe booster designed to splay out lashes even at the corners. Get that voluminous look at AED 70 only.

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