Hair Care Routine

The summers are here , scorching heat and super humid weather means its time to switch your hair care routine up a bit .It is very necessary to change your hair products once a while , to avoid getting your hair used to one routine . If not you will notice your hair falling flat and loosing its shine and health . In the summers I dont use a deep conditioner treatment just because It makes my hair supper oily for days and greasy looking . But if you have fine hair I would recommend a natural deep conditioner treatment (Natural Hair mask )

Shampoo &Conditioner :

Its been Over 4 weeks since I have used the Garnier Long and strong shampoo and Conditioner duo . This was initially sent to me as part of a Blind Test .I have been Loving the Product , they has been no denying that . I’ve used tons of other products, promising that they would tame frizz, soften hair, moisturise it, de-tangle my hair. They never worked and led to bad investments. But for once I feel that I have found my match, a shampoo that is promising.Garnier Long and Strong Hair shampoo in the first wash left my hair squeaky clean. Clarifying shampoos help to reveal the natural shine and takes your hair to a place it’s never been before.You can follow up with the Garnier Long and Strong luxurious conditioner. The texture is very rich, smooth and velvety. It feels very light perfect for the summers.

Check out my full Review on the Garnier long And Strong – HERE


I have used these products for years , so much that I have stalked up on these two wonders – Garnier Fructis Nutri -Repair and Garnier Fructis 3 Oil therapy . I switch between them all the time . I cannot live without leave in conditioners . They help de-tangle my hair , avoiding breakage and split ends .After using the Garnier Fructis 3 Oil Therapy Nourishing Cream for the first time , My hair looked so healthy and felt so soft.Mind you I have thick coarse frizzy hair , and my hair type is semi straight and wavy . My mom has a complete opposite hair type and she loved it too . 
Check out my full Review on the Garnier Fructis 3 Oil therapy –HERE

Styling Serum :

I was on a look out for a good heat protector / styling Serum , the FX Straight&Shine is the perfect product I found so far . It is made with Morrocan Oil or also known as Argan oil . It is a serum that helps avoid frizz, mends Split ends and gives brilliant shine . It doesnot weigh you hair down at all , or leave it looking greasy at all . I have used this before blow drying , curling and straightening my hair . I leaves my hair looking so shiny and healthy , also helps my curls and waves last longer . Also it smells sooooo….. amazing  !
Website :HERE

Hair tools :

It will take me a life time to talk about my all my hair tools – curlers , tongs and straighteners .So to keep things short this is my most used – loved hair tool the beloved blowdryer . It is by Torlen Proffessionals Torlen TOR 179 Hair Dryer. It is the best on the market . Allot of the hair salons use this particular hair dryer . I absolutely love it , It has two heat settings , with a cool air button too . It makes my hair shiny without making it frizzy . I will link the website below so you can check out all the features and Price .

When it comes to my combs and brushes , Im not that particular . This is my stash , it helps me create whatever hairstyle I want .That is what it should do . I do have another stash of round brushes , but to be honest I don’t use them allot . 
Website :HERE

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