Scarves Organisation Tips and Tricks

Since I have been posting many pictures of my scarves / hijab collection on my social networks, I received allot of questions as to how I store and organised them .I have been wearing scarves since a long time , so much that I cant even remember . Over a period of time they have collected – in other terms major hording. Scarves can last for years only if you take good care of them in terms of storage and usage . 

In regards of Usage one thing has made allot of difference – No snag Hijab Pin , or safety pins (without the loop at the end) . These pins prevent your scarves threads to snag and break causing the scarf look haggard . 
I have some tips and tricks to help store your scarves/ hijabs . Everyone that I knew stored their scarves in huge plastic containers . But the problem I faced is that I wouldn’t end up using them . They would be put away under my bed , tucked away from my eyes . This method that I use is more practical , as I end up using them more often .
I hang my scarves in my shelf away from the dust . I divide them according to their material and colour. I use three different types of clothes hangers to hang my scarf.

Tie holder

Scarves Organisation Tips and Tricks
Why dint I ever think of this before !! Seriously is life changing . I had one of these spare tie hangers and now they have become a hijab hanger . They save so much space in my shelf and the scarves are easily accessible .They might look overwhelming but I have colour coordinated it to my preference . One side has all my  synthetic square hijabs and other my neutrals . It easy to remove one scarf without destroying the other .Also these hangers are made to hold allot of ties , hence they are more sturdier when compared to normal hangers .

Clothes Hanger –

Scarves Organisation Tips and Tricks
This is the other most common way for storing scarves. But keep in mind you cant store as many hijabs as you can in the above tie holder . I use this to store my jersey scarves which I don’t wear much often since it summer . Another way I use them is for my Pashmina hijabs which are two heavy and thick to hang in the tie holder . 

Scarves Organisation Tips and Tricks

Sometimes when I buy New hijabs and I have no time to organize it ,this is how I hang them in my shelf till it finds a color coordinated home .I use to store my expensive embroidery scarves too like this. 

Baby Clothes Hanger

This was something I saw in Mother care where they displayed baby blankets and burp clothes and Viola it clicked in my brain and it made perfect sense to make this a scarf hanger . I use this to store my synthetic scarves and other lightweight .

Scarves Organisation Tips and Tricks

 They aren’t made with the hard plastic so you can only store light materials . None the less I have one of this always hanging behind my door , where I place my scarves that I’m planning to wear for the week or so . 

Trust me these don’t take up much space in your shelf . Also because they are hanging , they don’t crease which is a plus for me . Did I forget to say its cheap . Hope you liked it , and if you have any tips kindly comment below , I would love to know. 


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