Favorite Summer Lipsticks

Favorite Summer Lipsticks
There is no denial that the sun has fallen in love with the world and once again we come closer to one another to form another bond of either love or hatred . I absolutely despise summer especially being in India and the Middle east my entire life I have gotten an overload of the yellow bright Sun.
Anyway Summer for me does call out for parties , get-together , spending times with friends and family . Also includes summery wedding and outside barbeque’s .So I have bravely managed to narrow down my summer favorite lipsticks to my top ten even though it was really really hard .
Favorite Summer Lipsticks
In the order they are swatched –

Coral Pink by Maybelline :
Favorite Summer Lipsticks
The Maybelline Color sensational Lipsticks are so creamy, smooth, shiny and moisturising. One of my all-time favourite lipsticks . The Maybelline Color sensational Lipsticks are perfect because they are so hyderating and look fabulous against the suns rays , giving you that subtle glow . Anyway this is the perfect combination of coral and red and the formula is creamy, long-lasting and fuss-free. All in all a great product for a great price . For more info and full review –HERE

PremRose by Revlon :
Favorite Summer Lipsticks
Again another hight- street / Drugstore Product by Revlon to give you that summer look . Pinks are all year round in trend but pastel pinks have been a big huge summer trend .I have been seeing those light pink lips on the runways for summer 2014 fashion shows. Premrose by Revlon is a perfect bluish toned pink suitable for lighter complexions . The formula again is creamy but not too glossy that would end up slipping and sliding away .For more info and full review –HERE

Crosswires by Mac :
Favorite Summer Lipsticks
Crosswires is a Cremesheen formulae lipstick by mac cosmetics .If you want to find a orange shade lipstick that is not to bold , more wearable and find one that stays put all day long this is definitely the one for you ! Crosswires by Mac is no very orangy , but definitely is more orange that Coral pink by Maybelline. It smells like vanilla and to be honest everyone knows how pigmented Mac lipsticks are .For more info and full review –HERE

Rouge Volupte Shine Shade 12 – Yves Saint Laurent
Favorite Summer Lipsticks
If you want to look super Victoria Secret summer models  type then the Ysl rouge Volupte shine in incandescent orange / shade 12  my friends will make you feel like that . It is super light reflecting , and glamorous . Ysl lipstick in shade 12 is more of a reddish coral . More red than orange . It has subtle sparkles leaving your lips with a high shine glossy effect .Don’t get fooled , these have a super staying power  of a normal lipstick . I love the stain it leaves your lips with. For more info and full review –HERE

Primadonna Pink By Mikyajy 
Favorite Summer Lipsticks
I love those bold fun fusia colors , according to me summer is all about the fun colours . Mikyajy’s 22k celestial metallic finish lipstick in primedonna Pink is a bluish pink Fuchsia colour , crazily pigmented . It has a metallic finish , perfect for that summery shine . Mikyajy Lipsticks are immensely moisturising and last a really long time . Summer is all about long lasting lipsticks for me and this definitely makes the cut . For more info and my Full review –HERE

Sorbet Melon by Mikyajy :
Favorite Summer Lipsticks
They are allot of girls out there who don’t like to wear corals and pinks , this is definitely one for you ! . Mikyajy 22k charming matte lipstick in Sorbet Melon is a neutral Orangish shade . I know I like to wear neutrals all year long and even in summer , especially when you have allot going on in your outfit , its good to keep your makeup muted. Again as mentioned Mikyajy Lipsticks are crazily pigmented and last really long . The Mikyajy 22k charming matte lipstick in Sorbet Melon has a matte finish , but at the same time leaves your lips moisturised not feeling tight or flaky . For more info and full review –HERE
Favorite Summer Lipsticks
Revlon Lip Butters :
I take these revlon lipbutters everywhere with me because it’s as nourishing as a lip balm, but works with the chemistry of your lips to create the perfect, natural pink , coral , nude shades . I adore this product! Everyone and their mothers have raved about the revlon lip butter product . For people who like a sheerer tint and a more glossy effect . This would be lovely .
Favorite Summer Lipsticks

Cotton Candy by Revlon and Pink Parfait are my favourite lipbutter to wear in the summer . They are more on the pinky tone . They have a subtle shimmer which is so pretty . 
Favorite Summer Lipsticks

Creme Brulee is again for those who dont like to rock much color on the lips . It is my all time favourite neutral lips shade year long .

Favorite Summer Lipsticks

Pink truffle lip butter by revlon is more of a pigmented shade when compared to the others according to me . It has more colour pay off . It has less sparkle . Pink Truffle is a nudy neutral shade , would look lovely on darker complexion girls .
Favorite Summer Lipsticks
 For more info and my Full review on the Revlon Lip Butters – HERE

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