Whats In my Bag ?

I posted a Picture on my Purse on Instagram and got some comments to do a whats in my Bag post ? I personally love watching such videos , as I’m a Hand bag junkie so it feeds my weakness.  The lovely bag I’m using at the moment was purchased a while back. This bag is very special to me as I bought it from my first salary .Although I have been using it since 3 months .
This beautiful Bag is from Charles and Keith . It is called the Classic Satchel – Black . I guess they are still available although the Black is out of stock . It is the perfect side body / Sling bag for me . I’m a massive fan of small Purses / hand bags , as it caters to all my needs .It has a adjustable shoulder strap .
This satchel Bag from charles and keith has two Compartments .The large compartment has a side zipper . The Flap closes with the help of a magnetic clasp , which is so convenient to me . The Bag is made with PU leather also known as poly synthetic leather which is man made leather .
I didn’t clean up my bag , before I took pictures , I keep my bag pretty tidy and clear up the junk everyday .
The first small compartment contains mostly makeup . I have the Viviana Compact Face pressed Powder , Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer , Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise , Avene re-balancing Soothing Emulsion , Mikiyajy Perfume Atomizer ( Trussadi Inside) , and a Pen . 
 The main compartment holds this lovely junk . My sanitiser , Real techniques Compact Face brush , Maybelline Lip Polish , Revlon Lip Butter , the Body shop Lip Butter in Cherry , Deborah Milano Euphoric shine lip gloss , cheap sunglasses from Max ,Paris Hilton wallet , and a ID Holder which my dad got from Istanbul .My keys and cell phone also live in this section with some tissues .
Inside my side zipper I have some bits and bobs .I have a Mirrors that I use since I was in school , a Dreams Unlimited Perfume sample , and some safety Pins . I also can live without a Nail filer , in case I gt a chip nail. 
I do keep my cell and headphones with me but they live in my hand or my gym bag for the most part . I also keep all my receipts in my wallet , hence no junk . Neither do my jewelry deserve to live in the bottom of my purse because they are so precious .I can come to terms that I don’t need these many Lip products in my life , I can do with one . People do find it weird that I carry coloured eyeliner with me . The fact is that I hate black eyeliner at the moment and Instead I use a coloured liner to give me that fun pop I need to brighten up my look .
Link to the Bag –HERE

One thought on “Whats In my Bag ?

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