Summer time Scarfs

Summer time is all about playing with fun colours and prints .I do love to accessorise my outfit and bring a bit of glam to my daily look with some fun textured printed scarves . I usually tend to wear Thin , Georgette , chiffon material Scarves which are light and easy to play and create different styles .
The Top two scarves and my most expensive items I ever purchased . But for the quality you pay it out of this world .- worth every penny . I have been using them for years now and they still look brand new .Also I would give credit to the fact I have been storing them and taking care of them . Click here for more details on how I store my scarves . The other Black zebra printed scarf is from Zara , I find these both neutral toned bold prints make are soo… appropriate for summer . Especially for people who have allot going on in their outfit and want to accessorize with a scarf . Neutral printed scarves help pull the look together and giving it a classy feel .
I love scarves that have beautiful prints of nature . The leaves , bright flowers and Butterflies makes them so spring and summerish . I would pair them with neutral Black or white outfits , to give more emphasis to the scarves .
They deserve all the attention they can get .I mostly like to mix up and play with different materials , but for summers I like to stick to synthetics , Cottons and jersey , and stay away from silks , pashminas .This season is all about the fun prints. . 

Jersey scarfs are very comfortable for summer season . Especially in India the summers do get very irritating at times . These particular jersey scarves are very light . They are sweat absorbent and so easy for draping .Hijabista has an amazing range of jersey scarves that are affordable too . They constantly have sales going on and they have released amazing new collection of synthetic scarves.

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