Each has its Own story !

Hello ,
Muzyna Here ! So I have not been Blogging much lately and the reason is simply because I’m not finding allot of interesting things to talk about .I’m not a Blogger who will buy everything New that comes out by a company . That’s not me I’m not a hoarder and I don’t have quite the money to be a spend thrift right now at this moment . 
I always wanted to do a blog Post about Me ! . Who I’m as a person – why I started blogging , where I come from . I get allot of Personal Messages asking to talk about myself. You know the Blogger me who obsessively writes about makeup and beauty way to much , so here’s  a little bite into my Life.

I live in a parallel world. Both completely opposite and unique in its own way . I love it . If you Don’t know I’m one half of a Twin ,half Middle Eastern and half Indian . To be more specific Im a milkshake of  Yemeni / Afghani and Hyderabadi genes – #Proudtobe .

I often get asked by people which country do I like the most and I say both , because I have received the best of both world .I was born In K.S.A – and lived half of my wonderful life over there , further on traveled to India and happily living on .I do visit the lovely land of the camels.
India in its diversity is so beautiful and unique . I do speak Hindi fluently and understand telgu .Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country with more beautiful people. It’s beauty lies beyond the sandy lands and the Blue waters , its indescribable. I do understand Arabic , not too much .. but it doesn’t stop me from communicating .

Hopefully I will learn it more and probably do blog posts in Arabic as I have allot of middle eastern readers .
Another fun fact about me I love photography . A better fact -one reason why Me and my twinie started this blog was to showcase our photography skills .

The love started way back with my first camera and My parents said I could never let go since then . My lovely dad was also a camera crazy person as I was . 

My liking towards Photography evolved when I studied Multi-Media .I also was exposed to so many places where I could just take my camera and Have Fun ! When I was doing my final year in Multi Media and journalism , me and madeeha decided to start a blog. It was our little baby and since then we never stopped .Thanks to our blog , it has opened many opportunities . Now that we have 55,000 people on Google+ that follow me and read our blog , I feel that my blog is much more than just a hobby .It does bring butterflies to my stomach and a Big fat Smile to my face 🙂 

Fun Fact -I love love lovvee travelling , exploring new places , cultures and scenic views . I would consider my self an adventure junkie .
Apart from having the pleasure to travel allot me and my twinie have discovered many cuisines and we push each other to try something new everytime! 
Me and my Twinie bond over food . Also a perk to be half Arab and Indian = Food carnival in my Mouth .
Painting is my second Love .Its my therapy / down time / hobby … . I paint what inspires me .This is my first oil canvas painting I did .
Hyderabad a place where I live now . Its my safe haven .I’m ending my journey with a cute picture of my extended stray cat Family . If you like such posts kindly let me know and I will surely do more .

Now Im going to set you off to my better half from across the pond! She will talk about herself in another post .


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