Jabong.com India Online Fashion Week !

Internet has become a epidemic when it comes to Fashion , Photography ,Hair and Makeup . It has enabled us to bridge the geographical boundaries and present everyone an array of Products and services which caters to our needs . Apart from the above Internet has enabled us to put ourselves on the global market especially as a Blogger we get closer to the source than I could ever imagine.Now Jabong.com is getting you closer to a Once in a lifetime Runway experience by presenting to you – INDIAS ONLINE FASHION WEEK . The first online shop-able Fashion week website , to reach YOU .
Jabong.com Indias Leading Fashion destination has constantly been upgrading its service to cater to consumers and well as Bloggers . Now they are taking things to the next level . The launch of India Online Fashion week (IOFW) is yet another initiative by us to ensure fashion is more accessible for our customers. Opening doors for next generation fashion designers and making designer clothes available to fashionable audience, at large, India Online Fashion Week aims at providing a world class career defining opportunity to the aspiring artists.
The India Online Fashion Week is one such initiative to bridge the gap between aspiring artists and the dynamic fashion industry and enable them to showcase their talent to the world.
 The week, scheduled to be held from July 25 to 30 2014, will open its doors by inviting applications from artistes across four broad categories – designers, models, fashion photographers, and hairstylists and makeup artistes. It will also launch a Fall Festive collection of pret and party designs.
So whether your tired of designing clothes for other designers . Sell your creativity under another persons name or label This is an amazing opportunity that will enable you to get that boost you need .
If you are a struggling model or want to be the Indias next top Model then Jabong.com is providing you this amazing opportunity . So Lights, Camera… Flashes … !
Fashion photographers:
Photography is an art that cannot be sold but can only be showcased and admired . Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder . So behold yourself for showcasing your fashion photography skills for millions to admire.

Hairstylists and Makeup Artist:
If you are like me and tired of doing makeup in front of a mirror to yourself . IOFW will enable you to showcase your Hair and Makeup Talent . So get out those tools and Brushes because we have A Mission to Conquer the world One Lip gloss at a time .If you want to be the Next big thing , and make it large then head over HERE for more details. Sit back ,relax and enjoy the wonderful array of talent to be showcased on a click of a Button.
Dont froget to spread the word and use the Hashtag –#IOFW 
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