– Making Your college experience Special

Searching for colleges and making the Right decision shouldn’t be a tedious job , now especially with it is more fun and interactive . I know when I came to India for my education , searching for the right college and the stream was very stressful on me and my parents .More so because I dint know what options I had and what streams are available . I believe this is the case with allot of you out there . 
Visiting each and every campus – their websites for course patterns is just impossible . is a hub of all colleges in India . It is a user based interactive website , all in all a Dunia of colleges . The way you go about the website is very easy and simple . All the options and choices are put in front of you , one can filter down to a particular field/stream or college/university by a click of a button. It also filters the colleges by location(city) which is very handy and useful. Sahil Chalana Founder of Collegedunia, says “We spotted a huge gap in the data being catered and the quality of information being sought by College aspirants in the pre Admission session. 
Making the Right choice especially when it comes to education is foremost , you can do so only when you have seen all your options . I unquestionably used to always feel that if I had known about a certain course 3 years back I would have taken it  ! . has information of more than 15000 colleges and universities across India  and it is still growing. You know the best part of this concept is that I can sit at home with my parents and make the right settlement . Having working parents its impossible to drag time out of their long hard days and go college/university hunting .This way they can also have an idea of what are the options and eventually help me make the right decision .
Following are some of the course has to offer 
Management Colleges- HERE
Engineering Colleges- HERE
Medical Colleges- HERE
Arts Colleges- HERE
Science Colleges –HERE
Commerce Colleges- HERE
Law Colleges- HERE
I hope this post helps you and make your college experience more better . “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” –Christian D. Larson. 
For more information click – HERE

Collegedunia Facebook – HERE

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