Makeup Revolution London Haul

Lately I have been seeing Makeup Revolution London products all over the blogging scene. Allot of the bloggers  are comparing them to MUA , elf or even Mac . I can get why they are saying so , because the Makeup Revolution’s price range is on par with MUA and elf , they do have a line of mineralize marble blushes and eye shadows that look like dupes of the Mac mineralize products .
Makeup Revolution London Haul
It got a hold of these three products which I personally have been eyeing for a long time. Let me tell you I have been blown away . Knowing that it hasn’t been long since the Makeup Revolution launched , their products are all the hype I hear these days. Now owning them I know why . The Makeup Revolution products are amazingly pigmented and for the price they are a steal . The quality is impeccable and the packaging is simple . For all makeup artist starting out and want good quality products , with simple packaging for cheap price – Makeup Revolution is your best friend !
Makeup Revolution London Haul
I choose the Makeup Revolution London – Redemption Palette essentials mattes .I got this palette because I dint own allot of matte eye shadows , and it is always good to have a basic neutral shades palette in your kit. 
Makeup Revolution London Haul
This is also a very good palette for mature skin , as the eye shadows are neutral and matte .The Redemption palette essentials mattes has a range of cool tone and warm tone neutral shades which makes it very universal .
Makeup Revolution London Haul
The eye shadows itself are very pigmented and soft , easily blendable and you wont get much fall out .
Makeup Revolution London Haul
This palette has been compared to the Urban decay Neutral 1 and 2 palette allot . But to be honest I feel the Redemption palette essentials mattes is far more better.
Website :HERE (UK) , HERE(India )
Price :4.00 , 1200/-
Rating :4.5/5

Makeup Revolution London Haul

The second Item I purchased is the Makeup Revolution Awesome Metal Foil Finish eye shadow in Rold Gold . This is one of a kind type of eye shadows that has entered the market . 

Makeup Revolution London Haul
Stilla , Makeup Geek and Armani have such eye shadows in their collection . But for million times the amount you pay for this product . 
Makeup Revolution London Haul
All I have to say is that you need this in your life ! The Makeup Revolution Awesome metal Foil Finish eye shadow is a weird creamy / gel feel to it , and when you mix the eye primer it looks like liquid gold ! . 
Makeup Revolution London Haul
Mixed with Liquid Eye-Primer
When you use it without , it gives a gorgeous iridescent sparkle and you can apply this alone or over eye shadow .
Makeup Revolution London Haul
Again for the Price and quality I am complete sold – I have no words , all I can say I want them all !!!!
Website :HERE(UK),HERE(India) 
Price :4.00 , 990/-
Rating :5/5

Makeup Revolution London Haul

Lastly been a highlighter junkie as I am ,  I had to try the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Blush in Hard Days . It is a highlighter more then a blush I would say . But hands down this is a gorgeous blush . 

Makeup Revolution London Haul
Mac blushes are not as pigmented and fine as the Makeup revolution ones . This would look lovely on Medium tan to Dark complexion . 
Makeup Revolution London Haul
The Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Blush in Hard Days shade does not have any sparkle , but has a pink undertone and pearl like finish which leaves your skin looking flushed .
Website :HERE(UK), HERE(India)
Price :2.50 , 420/-
I’m totally impressed with Makeup Revolution London and will definitely try more stuff . Also I will do more in detail post on each and every product if you want me . Let me know in the comments below .

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