Simple Office Makeup Look

Whether it be work or school , we generally fall short of time in the morning . Especially if you are like me , who is not a morning person you’ll find this ‘getting ready’ task pretty stressful and frustrating . Im a person of habit so I do tend to follow one particular  makeup look for Work , which doesn’t evolve much . It is appropriate for High School girls who want a little something but not to tedious . Its a Makeup look that will fetch you allot of compliments , without looking to out there and as if you put allot of effort into you makeup .
Simple Office Makeup Look

The Products that I have be using are form the brand – The ONE . I have been loving them lately and presently they are hanging around in my makeup bag . Its a simple yet affordable brand that caters to a variety of people .

The ONE IlluSkin Concealer– Medium 

Simple Office Makeup Look

Having a blank canvas is always the place start . I do suffer with acne and redness , so trust me I need the concealing .But I don’t have time for foundation. Also allot of people don’t understand when you are at office / school , where you are in direct face to face contact with allot of people and the environment is not controlled you have to make sure your makeup is on point and not slipping and sliding all over your face . You may tend to have minor creasing or oiliness which can be easily touched up . Foundation is not that forgiving , it has to be blended well and set which can take up a good 15 min . So I tend to apply a light weight concealer and cut to setting .Apply your concealer only where you Need it .

The ONE IlluSkin Compact Powder– Medium

Simple Office Makeup Look

I do have combination skin , that means I do have to set my T zone and under my eyes with powder . But trust me less is more when it comes to powder . Over powdered skin makes you look dull and tired . If you do get oily then you can use blotting paper through the day .

The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye shadow- Rose gold

Simple Office Makeup Look

The ONE color Impact cream shadows are so light weight and long lasting . They come in a range of everyday neutral colors . A light wash of a champagne / light reflecting color does make you look more awake and will bring more light to your face .The ONE color Impact cream shadows are so easy to use , I apply it with my finger and swap it over . No blending or cleaning no Fall out ! 

The ONE Volume Blast Mascara -Black

Simple Office Makeup Look

Mascara is a must for me or else I look lifeless . It is necessary for me especially because I have small hooded eyes . Mascara opens up your eyes giving you a more feline face .Again use a mascara that is water proof or budge proof and doesn’t flake.

The ONE Eye-Liner Stylo– Black 

Simple Office Makeup Look
I always need eyeliner in my life . I have small eyes so eyeliner helps me to provide that frame to my face . You can change up your liner as you feel . This can be altered to your time , preference and skills . Windged or basic eyeliner makes your eyes look wide open and draws attention to your eyes . A good Waterproof  eyeliner will do the trick . The ONE Eyeliner Stylo is the best – felt tip , pigmented and long lasting.

The ONE Color unlimited Lipstick – Violet Express

Simple Office Makeup Look

Its all about those lips . I do like a bold lip . The ONE color unlimited lipstick are the best especially for office wear . They are moisturizing and pigmented . When you are talking allot your lipstick tends to look dry ,patchy and chapped , this lipstick it the ONE !! in true sense . Also these lipsticks are not that moisturizing , where they will slip and slide around .You can change up the colour according to your environment , dress code . 

Makeup has to be fun and spontaneous , but at the same time practical and fast . Nobody has time to waste especially we girls have to conquer the world one lip-gloss at a time .  

 *Disclaimer :All view , opinions and comments expressed herein are that of the author (Blogger) individual capacity and Oriflame does not hold any liability , whatsoever in respect of the same . Names ,logos and other proprietary information quoted in this blog are property of  Oriflame and are  mentioned here for reference purpose only .Any reliance on any such opinion , comments , advice , statement or information shall be at the readers sole risk . 


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