Top 5 picks from The ONE cosmetics

As you have probably noticed that I have been reviewing the One Cosmetics line  I had the opportunity to play with the products for quiet a while . I know many of you don’t have the budget to try every single product from The ONE cosmetics line . Hence the following products are a must have according to me .I haven’t stopped using them since I got my hands on them .
Completely worth the money and trust me you will be ordering for backups soon .

The ONE IlluSkin Concealer– Medium 

Top 5 picks from The ONE cosmetics

The ONE IlluSkin Concealer packaging is simple and effective . The benefit of using a squeezy tube is that you can use the product down till its last drop . When your paying for 10ml , why not use it all . Also squeeze tubes are very hygienic in terms of use , especially if your applying it to your entire face . For the Price it seems very reasonable . The lasting power is 5 hours with setting powder . Girls who have dry to Normal skin will love the ONE IlluSkin Concealer .

Website :HERE
Price :INR 349/-

The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye shadow- Rose Gold

Top 5 picks from The ONE cosmetics

They are highly pigmented and are a dream to blend . Don’t leave any patchy areas or creases . You do have to work fast as they do set fast . 
The ONE Colour Impact Cream Eye shadows are supper long lasting and if you layer it with powder shadows , it will not loose its intensity for hours 
Price :INR 449/-
Website :HERE

The ONE Eye-Liner Stylo– Black

Top 5 picks from The ONE cosmetics

The ONE Eye Liner Stylo has the perfect tapered felt tip which helps you create several eye liner styles – basic thin , cat flick , winged , anything . The liner also dispenses the perfect amount of product which is very important . I can apply a basic flick in one or seberal go’s and the tip never feels dry or tacky. 

Website :HERE
Price:INR 499/-

The ONE Volume Blast Mascara -Black

Top 5 picks from The ONE cosmetics

The ONE Volume Blast Mascara is a wet formula that give your tones of length and volume . Thanks to that amazing wand you cant clump at all , its disaster proof . Although it is not waterproof which I actually like , it lasts all day long even in my oily eyelids. 

Website : HERE
Price : INR 529/-

The ONE Matte Lipsticks – 

Top 5 picks from The ONE cosmetics

All the shades are very bright and is surprisingly versatile and easy to wear. I like the size of the tube.The overall shape makes it very easy to apply and touch-up.These lipsticks can be re applied very easily . Some Matte lipsticks dont good look when they are layered . They tend to look chalky or clumpy . Its opposite in this case , the ONE Matte Lipstick glide on like a dream.

Website :HERE
Price :INR 499/-

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