Spring / Summer Makeup Trends 2015

Most of the trends past few years are more surrounded around the NO MAKE-UP MAKEUP LOOK . All new technology of BB creams , CC creams have come around to support this look . Like any other year 2015 spring/summer look is based around the same concept .I am going to show you some trends that you can hop on the bandwagon this season without breaking the bank!

The One IlluskinConcealer is the perfect product to get this dewy yet flawless looking skin , Mix it with a moisturizer, you can use sponges or fingers and lightly smooth it all over the skin to give that instant radiant perfection finish . It’s all very quick too . This is really good if you want that natural look and at the same time very moisturizing quality.

Highlighter is always a must regardless what season it is , skin should always look two dimensional and not flat . Because naturally all healthy skins have that natural glow .Add some Champaign or gold highlighter like the The ONE IlluSkin Blush – Luminous Peach that will compliment your natural skin tone .Apply it to the top of the cheekbones , to keep that dewy fresh look going on .

Finish of the skin with some natural blush to give that heathy flushed look .You can go a bit heavy handed with this.

It not about bright colour on your eyes or Smokey looks . Use the same highlight and apply it all over the lid to give that radiant glossy eye shadow look .They act as a nice wash of colour over the eyes.

Secondly For eyes its all about the mascara and fuller looking lashes. Mascara is a must for me whether it be summer, fall ,rainy or winter. 

They help open up your eyes and make you look more youthful.I cant stop raving about the The ONE Volume Blast Mascara which gives you sky high length and amazing fluttery volume.


Lips can be the statement when it comes to a summer look . Either you can go for a stained lip by lightly applying The ONE colour matte lipsticks in the centre of your lips or you can go for a bright red/ hot pink for those WOW factor. I do also prefer a classy nude glossy lip , and find it very elegant looking .
For more information on any of the products mentioned above then click HERE


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