Exciting News !! Wedding Series

Well looks like I cant sing the All the Single Ladies anthem anymore ! Yes , by gods grace I got engaged in the beginning of the year . The D date has been set and it is 31st July ! Im excited yet nervous , but none the less a bride doesn’t have time for feeling all these emotions . Gurl I have to get allot of stuff done . Photographer , makeup-artist , clothes , gifts everything you name it . My brain is like a washing machine which is stuck in spin mood .

Lets look on the more brighter side I have been enjoying some of the wedding preparations , like designing clothes and buying gifts for everyone . If I dint study Mass communication My second option was fashion designing . I meticulously can spend hours and hours designing dresses . I will do a full post on the dresses I designed soon . Apart from this the pamper sessions from my mom and other family members is very well appreciated .
Im pretty much calm at the moment , but very confused , have seen my elder sister and twin sister get married I know how to go about this rough road . Organizing and scheduling is the key . This will keep your mind clutter free and also stress free . Apart from all the wedding prep I do want to spend time with friends and family which is also very important to me .
I have planned to document this process and share some insights with my wonderful readers . I hope you enjoy them . If you have any questions or suggestions on what topics I should cover kindly let me know in the comments down below .

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