Konjac Sponges – Aloe-Vera and Bamboo Charcoal Review

The Konjac Sponges Co
I have herd all the hype around the Konjac sponges and how they helped to clear out skin and basically a natural way to exfoliate your skin . Ingrid Nilsen was the first place I saw this sponge and she was raving about it and then I finally caved in . 
The Konjac Sponges Co review
They are also natural and suitable for many skin types . I ordered them of snapdeal.com . They come in different types , each made for a specific skin problem and target them . I choose Aloe-Vera and bamboo charcoal because it suited me the most and my skin problems.

The Konjac Sponges Co Review
Product Description:
100Percent natrual by fermenting the edible konjac fiber, no chemical additives addedGentle massage and exfoliation – Improve the blood circulations and remove the dead cuticlesDeep cleansing – Very soft surface can remove the pore-clogging impurities No stimulation – Very gentle texture. Suitable for sensitive skin and baby’s skinOthers : Naturally moisturises the skin – a very thin water film will be formed between the sponge and the skin while using it, keeping the skin moist and nourished
Konjac Sponges - Aloe-Vera and Bamboo Charcoal Review
My Take !
Its been almost a week since I started using this sponge . I have found my skin feels so soft and it dont have those awkward dry patches . The Konjac Bamboo and charcoal sponge ha helped allot with my black head and white heads , not much with my acne .  Each sponge is made from 100% natural vegetable fiber, which is naturally cleansing, removes water-based make-up and is 100% colour free and biodegradable. The sponges are soft and gentle, yet sufficiently exfoliating and PH balanced. Sponges last between 4 to 12 weeks.  
Website – HERE
Price : INR180/-
Konjac Sponges - Aloe-Vera and Bamboo Charcoal Review
Product Description :
Ninety seven percent of Konjac is water and three percent is Glucomannan, or dietary fiber. It is also rich in minerals .But, for over a century, the Japanese have been using the konjac vegetable as a beauty treatment also for their delicate skin. Amorphophallus konjac is an alkaline and is loaded with goodness. It contains so many natural goodies like Protein, carbohydrate, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C and folic acid.
Konjac Sponges - Aloe-Vera and Bamboo Charcoal Review
My Take !
After knowing and trying the bamboo charcoal konjac sponge for a week I thought why not try out the aloe-vera konjac sponge .Aloe-vera has several benefits and is very good for hyper sensitive skin and my skin loves a little aloe-vera . I haven’t found much difference with this particular one , but as long as its not harming my skin I think its good. Over all its a good simple exfoliater to use on a daily and weekly basis and its simple that’s the best part about it . 
Website –HERE
Price : INR180/-

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