Rahua Elixir all-natural Hair serum

Transform hair to gorgeous with just one drop of Rahua Elixir  
Celebrity favourite luxury hair care range available at Harvey Nichols, Posh by Feyral at Burj al Arab and Plethora Hair Lab 
Like all beauty-obsessed people, we are forever in search of the Holy Grail when it comes to gorgeous, healthy and shiny hair.  And we think we may have found it!   Rahua, (pronounced Ra-wa) Elixir, is a luxurious all-natural hair serum made from a conditioning nut oil, which is found in the deepest, darkest parts of the Amazon rainforest.  Exceptionally rich, it offers an exotic, 100% natural solution to the toughest hair-care challenges.
 Rahua Elixir all-natural Hair serum
The small molecular structure of the Rahua Elixir allows it to deeply penetrate the hair’s cortex, nourishing and repairing damage, whilst encouraging hair to grow longer and stronger.  With just three ingredients (wild grown and hand-harvested Rahua, Ungurahua and Palo Santo), Rahua Elixir will feed your hair and scalp, enhance your colour, de-frizz your hair, and strengthen and soften at the same time.
Just one to three drops of Rahua Elixir applied each day will transform hair from dull and lifeless to strong, healthy, and lustrous. Using a dropper full every 2 to 4 weeks acts as a deep conditioning treatment when massaged throughout the hair and scalp and left on for 15 minutes or more. 
With a host of awards and a cult following of A-list celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp, the luxurious Rahua collection features a range of products including shampoos, conditioners, hair mask, hair wax and finishing treatment.
Rahua empowers women all over the world by giving them beautiful, healthy hair and it provides a means by which the native women of the Amazon can support themselves, thus empowering them too.
The Rahua Elixir is on sale priced at AED 1,075 in Harvey Nichols and Plethora Hair Lab, with the professional treatments available at Plethora Hair Lab and Rahua’s UAE flag ship salon Posh by Feryal at The Burj al Arab.  Visit www.rahua.com to discover more. 
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