The ONE Volume Blast Mascara Vs Collection Lengthening Mascara

Product Description :The ONE Volume Blast Mascara is a wet formula mascara . Which helps to separate your lashes and the rubber bristles work the product into the base of your lashes . Wet Formula mascaras hold the curl and gives a wispy lash effect , with adding lots of length . 

The ONE Volume Blast Mascara can be layered to give you more volume and a heavier look.  The ONE Volume Blast Mascara contains 8ml of product .For a full Review Click HERE
Website : HERE
Price : INR 529/-

Collection Lengthening Mascara Get the glam lash look for less with this super-lengthening mascara. The rubberised brush delivers product directly to even the finest lashes! Enabling you to get the perfect curl and volume . 

The Collection Lengthening mascara is available in two shades Brown and Black . It contains 8ml of product .

Today I wanted to do a comparison / full review to test my two current mascaras that I’m experimenting . Both of them almost claim the same and have the same wand .I wore them all day and these are my honest thoughts .


Pros of The One Volume Blast Mascara –

  • Wand is Very easy to use .
  • Doesnot clump up and very seperating 
  • Long lasting and doesnot flake 
  • Smudge proof 
  • Buildable till 3 coats and Voluminous 
  • Holds the curls

Con’s of The One Volume Blast Mascara –
  • Not waterproof 

Pro’s of Collection lengthening Mascara –
  • Flexible Wand 
  • Seperating 
  • Dry formula that helps to hold the curl

Con’s of Collection lengthening Mascara –
  • Smudges on the lower lashes
  • Not voluminous 
  • Very hard to remove 
  • Smudges Allot under the eyes
Overall Verdict :
I think the Collection Lengthening mascara in my words wasn’t that great if im honest . In two coats it started clumping up . Considering its cheap I dint expect much but overall I would say its not a good investment . The ONE volume Blast mascara is hands down better than the Collection lenghthening mascara . It has lived up to the description and not that bad on the budget . I will recommend the One Volume Express Masacara to all my lashy lovlies out there .

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