Figs & Rouge Summer Lip Care Tips

Few things are less attractive than going in for a kiss with chapped, dry lips. And even if no kiss is in your foreseeable future, who wants to feel the burning sensation that’s par for the course with unkempt smackers?
Who doesn’t love smooth, plump lips?  A great lip is the only make-up we need during the summer months once we’ve got our golden tan going on! Sea breezes and summer heat can dry out lips though, so it is important to keep your smackers moistened this summer. We like to use this daily routine from Figs & Rouge to make sure our lips stay silky smooth, even throughout the intense Dubai summer heat!

Follow these Figs & Rouge tips to make your lips soft and kissable in time for romantic summer nights:

1. Do a regular exfoliation. The skin on the lips is very thin and lacks the same oil glands as the rest of your skin. By exfoliating the dead skin from them, you expose the healthy fresh skin below.  Just take a teaspoon of your favourite Figs & Rouge Balm and add to it a teaspoon of brown sugar. Mix it together and store in an old lip balm container. Rub a small amount of the mixture over your lips to reveal soft and sumptuous lips. For a fun summer treat, we recommend taking a frozen grape, cutting it in half, putting a pinch of the exfoliating mix on it and rubbing it over the lips. The dual action of the exfoliation and the alpha-hydroxy acids help keep lips smooth longer.
2. Internally moisturise. The purpose of internal moisture is to have nourished lips from the inside out. If you want healthy lips, you should drink 10-12 glasses of water a day and add healthy oils to your diet, like fish or borage oil. These will improve overall moisture and the appearance of your lips.
3. Apply natural lips balms. Lip balms with petroleum products, such as mineral oil and petroleum jelly are actually drying to the lips. Apply your favourite Figs & Rouge Natural Lip Balm to seal in the moisture, increase plumpness and give them a healthy glow.
4. Add a pop of colour. The ultra glamourous yet completely natural Lip Tints from Figs & Rouge will help to keep your lips perfectly hydrated whilst making sure you are completely gorgeous and ready to party.
The Figs & Rouge range retail from AED 30 at outlets including Spinney’s, Boots the Pharmacy, United Pharmacies, Marina Pharmacies, Organic Foods & Café, The Change Initiative and Make-Up Etc. 


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