I was on a bit of a serious hunt for some The Balm cosmetics products. As you know its not new that these things are hard to find in India , especially without the crazy shipping prices . is your answer , although things got a bit delayed as some of the products were not in stock . None the less , all came together and I have received these beauties in time .Ordered some other products too . 

Product Description:

When used daily, this product helps promote a clean and clear complexion with its formula of moisturising factor and lotus extract, and vitamin C supplement ingredients combined with 17 different amino acids. It is recommended for dull, tired-looking and uneven skin tones, with visible dark circles and pigmentation.
I love pampering myself with face masks , these masks were promoted allot on the fb page so why not give it a try . So I got the AMINO clearing Mask and the Pore tight mask. 
₹ 159.50
Product  Description:

Amino Pore Tight Mask uses astringent ingredients containing zinc PCA and 17 different amino acids to tighten and moisturise the skin. This product is recommended for skin types with visible pores, uneven skin that does not take makeup well, and skin losing elasticity.

Amino Mask ₹ 159.50



The highly pigmented Sleek Blush provides a beautiful finish across your skin, even with light application. The wide range of shades mean that you have a variety to choose from to suit your skin tone.
I got the shade Rose gold which is one of the most famous shades among the entire range .
Full Review – HERE

THEBALM – Mary-Lou Manizer

Light up the entire crowd with this smooth criminal. Mary-Lou Manizer gives off that subtle glow with its fine composition which diffuses light on your skin. It also goes well with most skin types with its honey shade which gives off a warm touch to any look. Let everyone gravitate toward you with theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer and highlight your unique personality and flawless beauty.
Full Review – HERE

THEBALM –Overshadow

Express yourself with beautiful and sparkling eyes with theBalm’s Overshadow – The Sexpot Series. It consists of four shimmering mineral powders which enhance the appearance of eye shadow for that glamorous and sultry look. Each swatch also has four unique shades which easily blend to create a dynamic effect for an evening night out. A proven quick fix solution, this product will surely make you stand out in any scene.
I am a sucker for highlighters and there was  25% of The Balm cosmetics on so I just caved in and got the Mary lou manizer and the Overshadow in No money no honey . 
Full Review – HERE
For full reviews on each and every product stay tuned ! 

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