The Balm – Mary-Lou-Manizer review and swatches

The Balm cosmetics Mary-lou-Manizer is nothing new to the beauty blogger world . It is probably the most raved about beauty product of 2014-2015 . Since the whole candle lit,dewy skin makeup is in trend at the moment ,this product is probably the key to achieving that look . 
The Balm - Mary-Lou-Manizer review
The Balm Mary-Lou-Manizer is a champagne hued  highlighter containing subtle gold shine reflex pigments . It doesnot have any glitter / shimmering pigment to it , instead it has more of a satin feel . When I tried this for the first time , my heart just stopped for a good few seconds . It is soo.. gorgeous and ultimate . Making you look glowy like a golden goddess . 
The Balm - Mary-Lou-Manizer review
The Mary-Lou-Manizer is a pressed iridescent pigment with gold undertones that will leave your skin looking lit from within . It beautifully catches the light and emits a subtle glow . It can be applied on the tops of the cheek bones , down the bridge of the nose , above the cupids bow and also on the centre of the forehead . But keep n mind to use it sparingly as the formula is very highly pigmented . 
The Balm - Mary-Lou-Manizer review
After using it once , trust me its hard to wean off . The Mary-lou-manizer is suitable for fair to light medium skin tones , I wouldn’t recommend it for anything darker than a medium tan complexion. The Balm cosmetics have 2 other face highlighters catering for darker skin tones (Cindy-lou-manizer & Betty-lou-manizer) .
The Balm - Mary-Lou-Manizer review
The Lasting power of all The Balm cosmetics products are amazing and un -beatable in my eyes . I applied it in the morning over my foundation without any setting powder or setting spray , it lasted me the whole day and stayed strong . Not blotchy patches or faded areas , didn’t slide of my face even though it was 40 degrees and I was mostly outdoors . 
Overall I would definitely recommend it , and for summer time its probably a must . The Mary-lou-manizer contains 8.5g of product which trust me last you a long long time . The packaging is sturdy , no to heavy either . It has a full size mirror which is always a plus in my eyes .
Rating :4.5/5
Price: INR 2469/- 
Website :HERE

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