Body Care after loosing 20 kgs ! Featuring The Body Shop – Spa Fit Firming and toning Range

I was fat ! .. overweight , chubby , obese , unhealthy or living life to the fullest , whatever you want to call it .This probably might come as a shocker to you’ll , simply because you haven’t seen me . I have never posted any photo’s of myself on my Blog or any social Media’s . Why ? because I dint like the way I used to look , if you don’t love yourself from within how will you find the confidence to put yourself out to the world . 
I was gaining weight and never realized it until people started making fun of me . They made me realize I look different and not normal . I did not binge or was an unhealthy eater . I was just very lazy .In college your probably not in the best mental state , this made me loose allot of self confidence . Fast forward to today , I have lost over 20 kgs and by god’s grace Im healthy . If you want to know more about my journey stay tuned , I will be posting up soon .
The Body Shop - Spa Fit Firming and toning Range
Your body changes allot ,and your skin changes even more .It was a shocker to me how my skin changed . I wasn’t expecting this much change and caught me off guard completely. Stretch marks ,  celluloid ,and pigmentation , you will experience it all my friend . But what I learnt is that if you take care and maintain a regime , you can minimise the extent of all these problems .
The Body shop have come out with a Spa Fit Firming and toning range designed to deal with these problem . The range contains 

I will be reviewing the Spa Fit Firming and toning Massage Oil and Spa Fit Smoothing and refining scrub .They Both have pretty much the same zesty orange scent and I love it 

Spa Fit Firming and toning Massage Oil-

Oils are not going to give you plastic surgery type results, but good oils like Spa Fit firming and toning Massage oil is pretty good.It easily sinks into the skin and initiates the repair .Its not to thick or runny texture wise .
Spa Fit Firming and toning Massage Oil

It softened the fine lines on my skin a little bit, and made my skin slightly softer. I’ve had stretchmarks for about 5 yrs until I started doing something about them. I initially used palmers cocoa butter but that didn’t work. This oil lightened my stretchmarks within days and now I feel comfortable in my own skin !!!! I absolutely swear by it and love it. I have dark uneven skin around my, elbow, knees and arms. It’s already showing results. Not only has the darkness reduced but the skin has gotten much smoother.   As far as stretch marks are concerned I’m sure it will take time to show results especially if it’s white. Red ones will disappear faster.
Website :HERE

The Body shop Spa Fit Smoothing and refining scrub
Its very important to exfoliate the dead skin for the growth of new skin . If we do it to our face , what makes you think you can avoid your body . The skin is the largest organ and trust me we have to take equal care .
The Body shop Spa Fit Smoothing and refining scrub
I used the Spa Fit Smoothing and refining scrub for 3 days not only for reducing my scars but also for my pigmented skin,and guess what !  its showing result.And now it is in my daily skin care routine.I have used it on a sun spot on the top of my arms and noticed it lightening. Not a significant change, but some lightening.When I looked at my arm, I could immediately tell where I had used it for that area was smoother looking and even felt smoother. I was surprised at how smooth and brighter my skin looked in the morning too.
The Body shop Spa Fit Smoothing and refining scrub
The scrub is not harsh and it lathers up too .

Website :HERE

Scrubbing , massaging and moisturising are the key tools to healthy looking skin and I found this range help me allot . I’m definitely going to try the other products too . 

*This product was sent for PR purpose.


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