Bridal Must-Haves

As you probably know Im getting Married Inshallah by the end of this month . So I have a few tricks and Must have’s for would-be Brides and Brides in general .

My top must-haves for every bride to keep her looking polished all day !


/ Organizers:

This is something probably people don’t tell you allot apart from showering compliments .You don’t need to keep this in your purse , you just have to have this in your life .Be organized . When the days start passing by fast and things get chaotic this will be your savior . I write everything down in my organizer , or you could just log it in your phone / computer calendar .Things like your beautician appointments , fittings and trials , wedding invites , last moment things . This way it will keep your stress free and on point .

RollerBall Perfume/ Deodorant
You just cant live without this . The day could be very long , and hot . I find this very useful and vital . I find rollerball Perfumes very convenient and also they are easy to throw them in anywhere . You can definitely go for deodorants , but perfumes are long lasting . 

This is probably the first thing that you put in your bag  Its definitely a bridal must have to kep your lipstick or lip-gloss that your wearing on the actual day . As much as you may have a top coat on or lip liner , you do need to top up your lipstick for photographs . 

Compact / Pressed Powder
Another must have to have a worry free wedding . Its good for touching up , mattefying your face , adding some coverage . If you cry and you feel the makeup might have worn off underneath your eyes a bit then this is the perfect fix .

Facial Mists:
This will kind off spruce up your makeup after a long day. Also I find that if you mist some facial setting spray or refreshing mist and then apply your compact powder it wont cake up. Also I find them refreshing . If you suffer from redness and rosea then this will help your skin to relax and reduce the redness 

Blotting Paper
Thin paper like plastic sheets that absorb the oil from your face . especially if you have oily skin or your getting married in a humid – hot climate / outdoor wedding .I like this because they absorb all the oil from your face but dont disturb the makeup 

Emergency Kit

Emma Lomax 
We’ve all experienced those awkward moments; a button that pops off, or the unexpected arrival of ‘that time of the month’ and needing a quick fix there and then.Oops! you left your sky blue nail varnish on from the weekend and have a meeting with the boss- Fear not, just use your nail polish remover sachet and stay professional.  Your friend rips her top at lunch – take out your mending kit and save her money on having to buy a new top! Dry lips? Use your emergency lip balm kept safe in your kit.Mini Handbag SOS kits 
Website :HERE
Best of luck for all the up coming brides ! 🙂


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