Start your makeup routine with Mikyajy’s 22K Second Skin Liquid Foundation

Achieve flawless complexion with a natural-feeling layer in an instant
Getting your makeup perfect can be a bit difficult, so the best way to achieve a gorgeous off-the-runway look is to get it right from the beginning. Mikyajy’s new 22K Second Skin Liquid Foundation, offering a flawless complexion and breathable makeup base, is THE product to start all makeup routines.

A super light-weight formula, it blends with the skin without weighing it down. Owing to its fine and silky texture, the foundation applies effortlessly and leaves skin feeling velvety soft and even toned. Buildable coverage means Second Skin can offer anywhere from light to full coverage, adjustable to achieve the desired look. Its liquid-to-powder effect means you get the easy, uniform application of a liquid and the fresh, barely there look of powder.
Formulated and produced in Italy, this super beauty wonder is an oil-free product and is available in 10 different shades in three color families, ranging from neutral to cool to warm to suit every skin tone.

Give your beauty look a head start by applying the foundation at the centre of the cheeks, moving to the nose, chin and forehead. With a foundation sponge, brush or fingers, lightly pat and blend downwards and outwards for a spotless glow.
Mikyajy’s 22K Second Skin Liquid Foundationis a simple product that will help you create surreal and stunning looks. The foundation is available at all Mikyajy stores across the Middle East for AED 85.


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