Kylie Jenner’s favourite NIP+FAB is stretching its wings and hitting UAE stores

Accessible, affordable + effective: Nip + Fab was created for a woman who wants it all and more

NIP&FAB is a fabulous skincare and body care range created by Maria Hatzistefanis, founder of luxury skincare brand Rodial. Designed to deliver targeted treatments for the face and body, the formulas are crammed with innovative and natural advanced skin smoothing, boosting and firming ingredients. The NIP+FAB range aims to help men and women achieve results in double-quick time, with minimum fuss and without the expense.
Kylie Jenner’s favourite NIP+FAB

The NIP+FAB range is popular with consumers across the globe, including the gorgeous Kylie Jenner, who has recently been appointed as new brand ambassador.  With her beautiful skin which is envied by women everywhere – she is cool, edgy and a modern day beauty icon – a perfect fit for the brand.

Available in the UAE from September 2015, now you can easily discover the perfect skincare regime for you with the extensive range of products, each designed to target a specific concern.
Kylie Jenner’s favourite NIP+FAB

Here’s just some of the ranges available to wet your appetite:
* Glycolic Fix from AED 69
This range has been developed to cover all your skin needs, from giving skin a deep clean to buffing away dead skin cells, revealing a brighter complexion.
* Bee Sting Fix from AED 79
Let the magic of bee venom work to help plump the skin by tricking the skin into thinking it has been lightly ‘stung’, meaning fine lines + wrinkles will look reduced.
* Dragons Blood Fix from AED 79
Inspired from Rodial’s bestselling Dragon’s Blood range. Achieve plumper, more hydrated, smoother, moisturised and more youthful looking skin.
* Viper Venom from AED 119
The range contains innovative key ingredients LIFTONIN®-XPRESS + SYN®-AKE that work to instantly freeze lines and wrinkles.
* Hi-Tech Bodycare from AED 69
Discover these targeted body products that give something more to the body. Working to not only moisturise, they have been designed to help sculpt, refine and tone.
* Tummy Treatments from AED 149
Target problem areas with these target specific range of effective bodycare, which used in conjunction with exercise and daily application will help to stimulate results.
* Bust Treatments from AED
Boost your bust, and increase your confidence, using the bust treatment combined with exercises, and daily application to see great results.
* Arm Treatments from AED 99
Banish excess skin, uneven skin tone + dehydration with this range of treatments for the upper body area. Used in conjunction with targeted exercises, the products work to define and help you achieve your perfect body.
Cellulite Treatments from AED 149
Work to banish cellulite with this range of effective bodycare treatments. Use in conjunction with exercise and daily application to increase results.
* Indulgent Bathing from AED 69
Ease and relax your stretched limbs with this therapeutic range of body care products to help you unwind, whilst letting muscles relax and let your body cleanse.
Shimmer Legs from AED 79
Make sure your legs are always prepared to be shown off with one of NIP+FAB’s specially formulated products. Giving 24 hour moisture, you will be the last one on the dance floor with pepped up feet + legs.

NIP+FAB products are available now from Basharacare and will available on from Woojooh and in Virgin Megastores soon. For more information please visit

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