Top Skin Care Gifts from Urbanveda!

This holiday season, we’d like you to take a little gifting dare. Instead of giving the special people in your life a cashmere sweater or shmancy jewellery, why not consider skincare. It may sound snoozy, but trust us gift buyers, as it’s always nice to feel a bit pampered on special occasions, nudge nudge wink wink! Which is why we are going to share some great ideas from UrbanVeda for natural and ethical skincare gifts.
UrbanVeda believe the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda fits seamlessly into a modern 21st century lifestyle. But unlike so many things in the modern world, Ayurveda doesn’t believe just in the quick fix. Naturally formulated using Ayurvedic herbs, flowers and fruits, combined with multi-vitamins and clinically proven actives, UrbanVeda helps to maintain the skin’s natural balance by infusing it with Omega-rich bio-oils, free radical-fighting antioxidants and vitality-boosting essential fatty acids.
Let’s have a look at their top gift giving picks this holiday season: 
UrbanVeda Purifying Day Cream – AED 135
Gift to: Your BFF with an unfortunate case of the wintertime skin blahs. This award-winning day cream will purify and rebalance her complexion in no time. Naturally formulated using Ayurvedic principles, this wonderfully light and hydrating Purifying Day Cream contains detoxifying botanicals of cold-pressed pure Neem oil, healing Witch hazel and refreshing Spearmint. Brimming with antioxidants, the bioactive infusion works in synergy with collagen-boosting extracts to reduce excess sebum, tighten pores and support healthy cell renewal.
UrbanVeda Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish – AED 95

Gift to: Your city-dwelling cousin desperately in need of a smog and grime detox. Next to “antioxidant,” no word is more sacred to skin-care mavens than “exfoliate.” Naturally formulated for a deep cleanse, this revitalising scrub contains natural Pumice to exfoliate, cold-pressed Neem oil and refreshing essential oils to remove impurities and treat blackheads. Antioxidant-rich botanicals work in synergy with naturally astringent herbals and collagen-boosting extracts to reduce excess sebum, tighten pores and leave skin hydrated.
UrbanVeda Radiance Cream Duo Set – AED 270
Gift to: Your overworked pal—or sleep-deprived new mom—who’s been expressing her need for an energising pick-me-up. Brimming with phytonutrients and antioxidants, the bioactive infusion of the night cream is enriched with an anti-inflammatory peptide sequence to impart a luminosity to skin, helping to balance tone and correct signs of hyperpigmentation. Deeply moisturising bio-oils are combined with Ayurvedic extracts to boost collagen production and skin elasticity, leaving you to wake with plump, youthful, hydrated skin.
Naturally formulated using Ayurvedic principles, the day cream has a bioactive blend of brightening botanical extracts and is enriched with a cell-repairing peptide and amino-acid complex to help correct signs of hyper pigmentation, boost complexion and balance skin tone. Moisturising and collagen-boosting extracts help to feed skin, keeping it soft, supple, hydrated and plump.
UrbanVeda Reviving Renewal Night Cream – AED 135
Gift to: Your young-at-heart mom. She may have the energy of a teenager, but she’ll be thankful to receive this Night Cream. Uplift waning skin by applying this facial refining concentrated night cream containing hydrating flower waters, organic and collagen-boosting extracts. Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Omega-rich bio-oils combine to help relax and improve the appearance of fine lines, restoring suppleness and elasticity.
UrbanVeda Reviving Hydrating Toner – AED 95
Gift to: Your aunt or another relative you’re not too sure what to get. One use of this moisturising, calming tonic will convince anyone of the healing power of roses. Gently remove grease, grime, and dulling debris with clarifying flower waters, fortified with a multi-vitamin and antioxidant complex and cell supporting Amino acids. Enriched with Omega-rich bio-oils to improve elasticity and restore suppleness.
UrbanVeda Soothing Daily Facial Wash – AED 85
Gift to: The man in your life. Good skin care habits sometimes have to be introduced to men, because many times they don’t even know what they’re missing. Start him off with this soothing facial wash. Gently remove grease and grime and balance irregular dry and oily patches with uplifting yet balancing Ayurvedic ingredients. Aromatic flower, herb and spice essential oils combine to help enhance vitality, while moisturising, skin softening and vitamin-rich botanicals leave skin soft, supple and refreshed.
All UrbanVeda packaging is recyclable, and bottles are made using post-consumer recycled plastic. UrbanVeda use Forest Sustainability Certified packaging and are also Vegetarian Society certified. Belief in the value of nature means valuing plants as nature intended- so, all UrbanVeda products are free from GM ingredients, parabens, SLS/SLES, artificial colours and mineral oil. As a holistic brand UrbanVeda don’t, and will never, test on animals.
The full UrbanVeda ranges are available in Holland and Barrett, Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi and Al Hamra Mall in Ras Al Khaimah.  Prices start from AED 75.
For more information on the UrbanVeda range and to find out your dosha, visit

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