Dazzle in the season’s dark mood with Mikyajy’s Moonstruck collection

Explore the all new limited edition colour collection for dramatic allure
Mikyajy’s Moonstruck collection

With Winter’s dark and gloomy mood comes an opportunity to shine like a star. Mikyajy, the UAE’s homegrown cosmetics brand, unveils the limited edition Moonstruck Collection to help ladies create truly dazzling looks this party season.
Swapping the pastel and delicious shades of the Summer past for dusky, dramatic tones, the Moonstruck collection focuses on the shadows and the mysterious stories embedded within. Eyes are deep and smoky, with a touch of color and sparkle adding glamour to the look. Nails are elegantly dressed in deep matching jewel and metallic tones, complimenting the accents of the smoky eye makeup.
Mikyajy’s Moonstruck collection

The complexion acts as a neutral palette for the strong eye look. The skin is porcelain with a soft glow, and contouring is key to define the features. Lips and cheeks fade into the background, in muted nude tones. Lips may be matte, or shine with a soft sparkle for added glamour.
Mikyajy’s Moonstruck collection

With this inspiration in mind, Mikyajy launches all the right products to wear this Winter and gathers them for in the Moonstruck collection. The Moonstruck Smoky Eyeshadow allows you to draw a hypnotic gaze, with cinematic colors ranging from midnight blue, burgundy, silver and emerald green that offer an otherworldly look. The Eyeliner Pencil Kit, containing six pencils, covers all the bases in accentuating your eyes. 
Mikyajy’s Moonstruck collection

Six shades of the double-ended Matte & Shimmer Lipstick combine an ultra-matte texture with a glittery finish for a bold statement. Finally, the six luxurious, metallic shades of the Moonstruck Nail Enamel add the final touch to your Winter beauty.
Mikyajy’s Moonstruck collection

 Mikyajy is definitely setting beauty fanatics across the region abuzz with this new must-buy collection of evening makeup greats!
Price list
·         Moonstruck Smoky Eyeshadow – AED 39
·         Moonstruck Matte & Shimmer Lipstick – AED 39
·         Moonstruck Nail Enamel – AED 25

·         Moonstruck Eyeliner Pencil Kit (6 mini pencils) – AED 69

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