Olay Essentials Double Action Night Cream Review

Since I have shifted to Saudi Arabia my skin has been acting up . Now its winter which means my skin is extremely dehydrated and it feels tight all the time . I have been an Olay lover since a long time and it is my go to brand. I did use the Olay complete care daily moisturizer as my day and night cream and found it great, but its just not helping my skin  care lately.


I started to have minor break outs because of extreme dryness. My sister recommended the Olay essentials double action night cream and I personally have herd allot of good stuff about it . Within the first week of regularly using Olay essentials night cream I found my skin looking less irritated and dry. Then I started using it twice daily, during the day as well as the night and my skin is back to normal. My skin feels and looks so much better, with just two weeks of use. 
The Olay essentials Double Action Night Cream has a soft light texture, not at all thick and heavy feeling. Still its enriched formula leaves your skin moisturized. Your skin absorbs the cream within few minutes, you do have to work it in for a bit. But as I said its light weight formula doesn’t leave your skin looking oily or greasy. 
A little goes a long way when it comes to the Olay essentials night creams, the texture and formula is amazing and you don’t need much to see the difference . 
Price: SAR 21/-

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