All out beauty with Mikyajy’s Extreme False Lash Mascara




Create dramatic eye makeup that leads onlookers in

Love bold eyes but hate wearing fake lashes? Mikyajy’s newest launch solves this beauty dilemma. The Extreme False Lash Mascara helps you go all out on your quest for dramatic eyes without the hassle of false eyelashes.

Formulated to be long lasting and water-resistant, the mascara builds up lashes for extra volume and at the same time keeps them defined while lifting to achieve the distinct, long and dense look of false lashes. The European-made premium product gets its volumizing effect from its unique brush design which helps you reach the small lashes in the corners and build mascara in your lower lashes.

To achieve maximum results, the extra-large feed groove (blank spot in the brush head) is loaded with the bulk once pulled out from the container. Swipe the lashes with this area first to apply the color and then turn it to the other side with bristles, going in a zigzag motion to spread and define the lashes. The rounded tip of the applicator helps to reach the tiniest lashes as well as bottom lashes so the entire line of around your eye is covered completely. The result is an intense black carbon color that truly emphasizes your eyes.


The Extreme False Lash Mascara is the season’s latest beauty bag must-have – and you can get it at Mikyajy stores across the Middle East for AED 69!


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