The latest evolution of alphabet cosmetics: Mikyajy’s DD

Daily defense wonder products offer skin refreshing benefits and overall protection
Remember the time when BB creams took the beauty world by storm? Everyone was raving about this new product concept that was imported from Asian markets. And then along came the CC cream. A step up from BB, the CC cream featured a lighter texture with color-correcting benefits. And as the industry continues to innovate, a new multipurpose beauty kit must-have arrives this month – the Mikyajy DD Foundation.


The DD Foundation, which stands for daily defense, compliments your skincare regimen by helping to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun with a rating of SPF 20. The cream’s infusion of active ingredients additionally prevents skin damage resulting from stress and external aggression, providing a soothing and calming effect, so you’ll be confident that your daily stresses will not leave you looking tired!

But as with BB and CC creams or any revolutionary product, the DD Foundation will leave some people asking where it does fall within in their beauty regimen. Replacing the trustry foundation in your cosmetic lineup, Mikyajy’s DD Foundation starts with a natural nude effect but can be built up to provide medium coverage. The result is a matte finish with a velvety texture that melts into your skin for completely flawless, barely-there glow.


Another must-watch from the Mikyajy beauty shelves is the DD Concealer. Created to serve the same philosophy as the cream, the new stick-type concealer offers a light, natural finish that can be built up to medium coverage depending on your needs. Cool and refreshing upon application, the concealer c ontains Hyaluronic acid as well as apple extracts to calm the skin while offering sun protection.

Say hello to Spring with a fresh new face that’s safe from the sun and stress-related skin damage and grab your shade of the DD Foundation and Concealer from all Mikyajy stores across the Middle East! These new wonder products definitely get a well-deserved spot on your dresser for providing you with much-needed skin care and cosmetic benefits all in one neat package!

Mikyajy DD Foundation – AED 39

Mikyajy DD Concealer – AED 29


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